DIY Super Spy Kit

My 4 year old loves playing “Super Spy”. Routinely I hear from the other room: “Secret agent Mommy, come in! Over.”

Last year, I saw this post for a homemade detective kit and bookmarked it. Since we’re cutting back on Christmas (using Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards towards gifts and Ebates for cash back when shopping online), I thought this homemade gift would fit the bill for both frugal and fun!

You can spend as much or as little on this gift as you want. I wanted a sturdy carrying case, and this toolbox was multipurpose enough (meaning she can use it for other things once she grows out of the Super Spy stage) that I thought it was worth the extra $10 than the cheap container I was originally considering. But you can use anything for the carrier. You could even wrap an old shoe box.

As for what I put inside, again, it’s up to you! Luckily, school supply items were still on the racks when I started this gift, so I got inexpensive pens, pencils, tape, and paper. Pens and pencils and index cards and paper for writing notes, Secret Message Pens (found at World Market) for secret codes, and a stamp pad and tape for finding fingerprints.

I also added baby powder (fingerprint dust), brushes (for brushing off evidence), tweezers (for picking up evidence) and “evidence containers”, aka small craft containers found at Michaels.

Finally, a Super Spy Headlamp (the big ticket item of the bunch at $6), a magnifying glass, and secret disguise glasses (found in the Dollar Spot at Target) rounded out the gift.

I had so much fun making this gift, and I can’t wait to see the creative ways my daughter will use it!

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