Art Project-“Stained Glass” Watercolor Collage

This project was kind of our version of an Art Closet Chopped competition. I had scheduled “Art Project” into our school day last week, but somehow forgot to plan exactly what we were going to do. Without time to prepare, I grabbed a few art supplies and improvised. Luckily, Stinker enjoyed it, and it actually turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. Behold, “Stained Glass” Watercolor Collage.

The best part? Only 4 basic supplies you probably already have at home!

  • 1 sheet white construction paper (I used 11″x 17″)
  • 4 white coffee filters
  • watercolor paints
  • glue stick

Rip up the coffee filters and form a collage on the construction paper. This will create the stained glass effect on the your work of art. Attach the coffee filters with a glue stick (regular white glue won’t allow for the watercolors to permeate as well, so make sure to use a glue stick.) Then, just have your child take a paintbrush and some watercolors to the collage, and watch it turn into a beautiful stained glass collage!

It’s that simple! Enjoy!

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