10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me…

1. I played baseball as a pitcher until high school. I even got to throw out the First Pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

2. I’ve been to 9 MLB stadiums. Wrigley was iconic, but my seat was right behind a concrete support beam so I’m not entirely sure who actually won.

3. I’m left-handed.

4. If I had to live someplace other than California, it would be somewhere in the South. I love bacon and saying “y’all”. 

5. I love Jeopardy and at one point (obviously before children), didn’t miss an episode for 10 years.

6. I came in 9th place in the State Spelling Bee in middle school. “Spigot” tripped me up…the woman pronounced it “spicket” with an over emphasis on “ick”. I was one round away from advancing to Nationals.

7. I don’t play any musical instruments, unless you count the harmonica. In high school, I recorded a CD of myself playing Harmonica Hymns. I gave it to people I loved. Looking back, they probably thought I hated them.
8. I have a major sweet tooth, and always have at least 3 kinds of chocolate in my secret stash. (Lately it’s been dark chocolate coconut bars.)

9. I traveled quite a bit in my younger years…I managed to visit most of the “I” countries: Israel, Italy, and Ireland. Unless something really drastic happens, I will probably never make it to Iraq or Iran. Iceland is still a possibility.

10. Breakfast for dinner is always acceptable. Especially pancakes. I have a weakness for pancakes. (Try my favorite Blueberry Pancake Recipe!)

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