Stinker’s New Name…

Stinker has informed me that she wants a new name. Not a real new name, just a new nickname. Apparently in the mind of a 6 year old girl, Stinker is the equivalent of Stinky and she doesn’t respond to it anymore. Never mind that she is a Stinker, she just doesn’t want to be called that. 

Since her choice of “Unicorn Princess Rainbow Sparkle” is a little robust for common use, I’m going to start referring to her as Tater. She’s always been my little Tater Tot, even before she was born. I actually call her Tater more frequently than calling her by her given name, which is why, at age 3, she was appalled that I would purchase tater tots and feed them to her. She’s refused to eat them ever since.

So, Stinker is now Tater. I guess that means she’s growing up. If only growing up meant she’d actually clean her room…

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