5 DIY Travel Must Haves for Kids

For my 30th Birthday last week, we took a long weekend family road trip up to Northern California, to the town where my husband and I first lived after we got married. We wanted to take the kids to some of our favorite places up there. The drive was 8 hours each way, and while we did utilize the DVD player at times during the trip (Junior has been in a screaming phase lately, so the DVD was for my sanity and survival), I also brought along a lot of fun activities to keep the kids occupied. 

Travel Lap Tray

This is so easy and inexpensive. It makes for a great all-purpose travel tray. Definitely my top must-have for any road trip or plane ride. See the instructions here.

 Lego Patterns Travel Game (Free Printable)

My 6 year old has a lot of fun with this Lego pattern game, and it’s easy to transport. Make sure you pack a few extra pieces in case they’re dropped! Get the printable here.

 DIY Lego Travel Tray

We’ve brought this super easy Lego tray on every trip we’ve taken in the last year, and I can guarantee at least 45 minutes of quiet when my daughter is building. Find the simple instructions here.

 Felt Funny Faces

For some creative fun, follow this tutorial for making a Felt Funny Face kit. Working on their Travel Tray, let your child mix and match facial features to create their own funny faces. 

Imagination Connect the Dots

Purchase a sketch pad from the dollar store, and draw a bunch of dots on each page. Have your child connect the dots however they want, and have them tell you the story behind their “drawing”. See some examples here.

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