Our Homeschool Week in Review: April 15-19, 2015

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Bible- We studied King Solomon. We read about Solomon in the Bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible, and The Bible for Children. We talked about wisdom, made some “wisdom” bookmarks, and did a sparkly, glittery craft project of Solomon’s Temple. It’s possible that more glitter ended up on my rug than on the project. And it’s quite possible that I threatened a permanent glitter ban.


History-We learned about Ancient China. We read some books about life in Ancient China, built (a small part of) the Great Wall Of China out of Legos, and built a homemade compass after talking about Ancient Chinese inventions.


Math-We’re inching towards finishing Horizons Math 1, and Tater completed 3 math lessons and a few drill sheets. We’re still working on memorizing addition and subtraction facts.

Reading and Spelling-We’re almost done with our read aloud, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and we completed a reading comprehension workbook. Tater also completed 2 worksheets from Abeka Phonics 2. She reads on her own in the evenings, and is still working through The Boxcar Children. We actually got some spelling done last week from All About Spelling.

Language Arts and Vocabulary-Last week’s Greek/Latin Root was “sect”. We discussed the definition (to cut or separate) and talked about different words that have that root. (Insect, section, intersect, etc.) We also completed two lessons from First Language Lessons 2.

Science-Tater completed two weeks of lessons from A Reason for Science. She did 2 experiments about sound and sound vibrations…we talked about Junior’s cochlear implant, and how it allows his brain to interpret sounds.

Art-Since we studied Solomon, I decided to have her study classic art like last week. We looked at renditions of Solomon from Rubens, Schussele, Poynter, and Francken. We also talked about the differences in art styles in the context of what was happening in Europe at the time. It wasn’t as boring as it sounds, I promise! :)

PE-Tater had a tball practice and tball game, and she rode her bike everyday.

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2 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Week in Review: April 15-19, 2015

    1. Why mess with a good thing? If your son loves his friends and his school, then he’s in the right place :)

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