Our Homeschool Week in Review-April 8-12, 2015

Junior pointing to Downtown San Diego on Easter

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I love seeing what other people do on a day-to-day basis in their homeschooling, so I thought it would be fun to start a new series about what we’ve been doing. I’ll share the assignments, projects, and some photos about what we accomplished the previous week. If you want to check out our curriculum choices, you can look at them here.

Tater is finishing up 1st grade, although we have started some 2nd grade work. Here’s what we did last week:

Bible: We studied King David. We used the Bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible, King David (Get to Know series), and The Bible for Children.

We also watched What’s in the Bible episode 5, and built slings out of popsicle sticks and fabric, and used the sling and marshmallows to act out David and Goliath. Obviously I was Goliath, and Tater enjoyed eating the “rocks” afterwards.

History: I stopped using Mystery of History a couple months ago because Tater just wasn’t retaining as much as I was hoping. It is a wonderful curriculum, but being 6 years old, she prefers more pictures and the reading in MOH is geared to just a little bit of an older group. Instead, I created my own history curriculum (I have a History degree and totally thrive on this stuff). Maintaining Ancient History until the Fall, we studied the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World last week.

I printed out photos of what each wonder was supposed to look like as well as some info about each one, and we made up a song about them.

We built the Lighthouse of Alexandria out of Legos, and created Zeus’s scepter out of an empty paper towel roll, a printed eagle, and some aluminum foil.
Math: We are almost finished with Horizons 1 (there are 160 lessons). This week Tater did lessons 149-152, and took a test. We did daily addition and subtractions drills outside. One day we did a scavenger hunt using math problems, another day I hid the problems in plastic Easter eggs and hid them. She had to find each egg and solve the problems. I also did drills outside using sidewalk chalk.

Math Drills in Easter Eggs
Math Drills in Easter Eggs

Reading and Spelling: Our read aloud right now is Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third (or fifth, depending on your edition) book in the Chronicles of Narnia Series. We are about 2/3 of the way through it. While I’m reading, Tater plays with math manipulatives such as pattern blocks or geometric blocks, or Legos.

We are also finishing up a Reading Comprehension workbook. Tater also completed three Abeka 2 Phonics worksheets. We didn’t get to any spelling last week, but are on Level 2, Step 14 in All About Spelling.

Tater reads by herself every evening, and lately she has been reading The Boxcar Children series.
Language Arts/Vocabulary: We’ve been using First Language Lessons 2, and so far really like it. We did 3 lessons last week. I’ve also been using a Greek/Latin root words book to teach Tater roots, and we learned “-ject” for “throw”. We made up our own words using “ject”, and we also reviewed the previous four weeks of root words.

Science: We’ve been going back and forth between Science Experiments, interest based learning, and A Reason for Science. Last week Tater wanted to learn about Mars, so we read a lot of books about Mars, painted red “Mars rocks” using rocks from the backyard and watched several episodes of Space Racers.

Art: Since we were studying David for Bible, we made David the focus of art this week. I found paintings of David from classic paintings from Rubens, Chagall, and Bray, and also used Michelangelo’s sculpture. We did picture studies using the art and learned more about the styles of each artist and also looked at how the art compared to the Biblical stories.

Tater also painted her own picture of King David.
For PE, she had t-ball practice, a t-ball game, and rode her bike daily. She also accompanied us to Junior’s occupational therapy, and played on some of the swings and equipment there.


What did your homeschool look like this week? Share any links or ideas in the comments!

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