Our Homeschool in Review: April 20-May 15, 2015

Homeschool Week in ReviewSo, I haven’t posted our homeschool week in review in several weeks…we’ve been working, just at a slower pace and more relaxed schedule since the year is winding down and Tater has finished almost all of her first grade work and is already in much of her 2nd grade curriculum. We took a few field trips as well.

Here’s what we’ve been working on for the last few weeks:

Bible: We studied Daniel, Jonah, and the Armor of God. We watched a few Veggie Tales and What’s In The Bible episodes, and did a few art projects. Tater built a sword out of cardboard for the Sword of the Spirit.

History: We studied the Phoenicians, Mayans, and started looking at the Greeks. We read some books about each civilization, built a Mayan pyramid out of Legos, made a homemade sundial, and Tater created some buildings modeled after Greek architecture on her Minecraft game.

Math: We’re finally done with Horizons 1! Tater loves math, so she was excited to start with Horizons 2 the next day :)

Reading: We finished two read alouds: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Boxcar Children #6-Blue Bay Mystery. Tater also worked through some reading comprehension worksheets, and we did 7 Abeka phonics lessons.

Language Arts and Spelling: We worked through several more Latin and Greek root words (port, miss, and graph), and finished All About Spelling step 15 and completed seven lessons from First Language Lessons 2 about adjectives and adverbs.

Science: We did three weeks worth of A Reason for Science…lessons about sound, lift, and aerodynamics. We also did experiments for each of those topics. Tater also spent time pulling weeds and planting seeds in our garden, learning about life science of plants and seeds. And, she learned about sea animals on our field trip to the aquarium.

Art: We studied Leonardo DaVinci and Tater designed some inventions she would like to see in the future. Since we did some crafts for our Bible lessons, I counted that towards art as well.

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