Our Summer Homeschool Plan

Summer SchoolEvery year I have these great ambitions of doing school year-round, and having summer be just as productive and structured as the rest of the year. And every summer, I laugh at my well-laid plans, and realize that it’s just not going to happen.

So, this year, I’m actually anticipating this, and have a laid back summer planned…with lots of learning activities available of course. (See my popular post about Learning While On Summer Vacation)

Math: We finished out Tater’s 1st grade year about 20 lessons into Horizons 2. We’ll continue doing a couple lessons a week, but will be mainly focusing on memorizing Skip Counting and solidifying her addition and subtraction skills to begin multiplication in the Fall.

Handwriting: Tater was diagnosed with dysgraphia, which basically means she has a hard time with handwriting and spelling because of motor skill development. (Fun fact: I had similar issues in school.) We’ve been working with Junior’s OT to give her hand exercises to strengthen her fine motor skills, and some core exercises to improve her gross motor skills. We will be starting cursive, as that is supposed to help, and this summer will be spent learning cursive letters and improving motor skills.

Reading: She does reading herself and we do a read aloud together…she’s been reading Imagination Station, Berenstain Bears, and her Bible Storybooks to herself. Our read-aloud right now is Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Spanish: I found a Spanish workbook at Costco that Tater is really excited to start. She likes to order in Spanish at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and has asked to learn more.

Travel: We have several trips planned this summer. One vacation to the beach and one trip to visit family on the East Coast, so I’m going to incorporate History, Geography, and Geology into those trips.

What are your Summer Plans? Comment below to let me know!


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