Our Wild Natural Disaster Adventure

We just returned from a long weekend trip to Yosemite National Park. It was beautiful…well, once we got there. We experienced so much wild weather and natural disasters to the point that it was almost comical. Definitely a trip to remember!

In fact, the Weather Channel contacted me for my experience, since we were in active mudslide AND flooding areas!

Check out how black the sky is…forgive the glare from the window…I was reading a wonderful cookbook :)


So, then we hit the rain just north of Los Angeles. It. Was. Pouring. By the time we hit the Grapevine, the stretch of I-5 north connecting Southern California with Central California and running through the mountains, we could barely see outside because the rain was so heavy. Just as we were about to hit Central California, we saw a truck blocking the middle of the road just a few cars ahead of us, and were forced to stop.


Ummm. That would be mud. Lots and lots of mud. A quick look at the mountainside next to us, and we knew we were in trouble. Mud was flowing into the road, hitting cars. After a few moments, the California Highway Patrol shut down the freeway and began diverting all traffic back the way we came. Interstate 5 would remain closed nearly 36 hours.


So, now we’re heading South, back towards Los Angeles, and looking for another road that would get us up to Yosemite. We finally found that we could take highway 58, a small highway going through the Mojave desert. We had no choice, so we backtracked until we hit the route that would eventually take us to highway 58.

Things were not much better on the 58, but at least the road was not closed (yet). Rain continued to pour until the roadside was flooded. Thank the Lord we hit Bakersfield (central California) before things got out of hand. Hundreds of cars were stranded on highway 58, and the road was closed for several days as they sought to rescue people caught in the storm.

IMG_8401 IMG_8396

You can see that the road was starting to flood, and just a couple of hours after making it past, they shut the roads for a few days.

So, a 6 hour drive turned into 10 and we didn’t get to our rented cabin until well after 9pm, but we were just happy to be there after a long day of mudslides, torrential rain, and flooding.

The next morning we drove into the park, but were stopped by smoke. Uhhh, wait, there’s a FIRE here. Yep. It started out as a controlled burn for “healthy fire ecology”, but there were a few problem spots that needed to be extinguished.

IMG_8436 IMG_8426 IMG_8456

So, What’s Next??

To Be Continued…

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