Mix and Match At-Home Date Night Menus

Date Night

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Mix-and-Match At Home Date Night Menus

Having time  to spend together without the kids is really important to my husband and I. But, it’s often easier said than done. In recent years, my husband and I have been trying to do at-home date nights once a week. We put the kids to bed a little early, have dinner, play a game or watch a movie, and have a yummy sweet dessert. We look forward to these evenings all week long, and many times they’re even better than a night on the town!

Whether you don’t get out too often because of finances, sitter availability, or just time, here is a mix-and-match at-home date night menu for the best date night you could possibly have under your own roof!

1. Dinner

  • To-Go From Your Favorite Restaurant
    • One parent picks up dinner while the other puts the kids to bed
      • Sushi is our favorite pick up, but pizza, BBQ, and Chinese are all good options as well
  • Meat and Cheese Tray with Fresh Bread and Dipping Sauce
    • We have a little local Italian deli that sells the most wonderful salami and cheese. We pair that with some fresh Italian bread, and a balsamic/olive oil mix. Sometimes we’ll add in some dried fruit and jam.
  • Nachos
  • Appetizer Night
    • We’ve done potato skins, mozzarella sticks, carrot and celery sticks and chips and dips.
  • Romantic Dinner for Two
    • You know…the kind of meals that need nice tablecloths and candles. Things like Fettuccine Alfredo, Filet Mignon in Red Wine Sauce, and Shrimp Scampi

2. Activity

  • Play a Board Game
  • Watch a Movie
  • Start a New TV Series
    • Our Netflix subscription has allowed us to watch through several new favorite series including Warehouse 13, Psych, Chuck, White Collar, and Burn Notice.
  • Do a Puzzle
  • Discuss your hopes and dreams
    • Okay, I actually laughed hysterically as I wrote this…because my husband is not a talker and he would rather be chained to a wall without food or sunlight than have to have a “feelings” chat. But, I’ve heard that some husbands enjoy this…can’t say I’ve ever met one, but that’s the word on the street.

3. Dessert
You can’t have a successful date night without dessert. Something delicious and sweet finishes up the evening nicely.

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