Book Review: Abiding Mercy

Abiding Mercy begins 15 years ago in a grocery store in Michigan. Wealthy Roslyn Colepepper is knocked unconscious after grocery shopping (an errand typically run by the nanny), and her 18 month old daughter Adriana is abducted.

The next chapter begins in the Amish country of Northern Michigan and introduces us to Faith Pinkham. Faith is a 16 year old Amish girl who is counting down the days until she can be baptized into her Amish community, and hopefully settle down with a nice Amish boy and start a family.

Faith is content with her life. She works at the restaurant her parents own, The Amish Table, and enjoys fishing, gardening, and church functions. One rainy evening, however, she receives word that her parents have been involved in a buggy accident, and have been injured. Aside from concern over her parent’s injuries, she is required to help even more with the restaurant. Gideon has also started to volunteer in the restaurant duties, so the two of them begin spending a lot of time together and want to begin courting once Faith is baptized.

One day during a church function, however, Faith’s life is completely turned upside down, as she learns about the abducted Adriana and begins to question everything and everyone she’s ever known. Who is she? Where does she belong? Can she ever trust her friends and family again?

I enjoyed Abiding Mercy. I liked how we were following two stories at the same time–the past story of Adriana meeting up with the present story of Faith. It also gave a lot of opportunities for deep thought…how would you react if you were Faith? The parents of the abducted child? The Amish parents of Faith? Gideon? The ending seemed a little hasty, but it was satisfying. Hopefully there will be a sequel, though. I would love to learn how Faith reconciles her past and future.

*I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers and the publishers. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.



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