Arts and Crafts

Train Art Project

Make a Sheep 

Paper Plate Fish 

Rock Turtle 

Adorable Lion 

Marble Paint Fun 

Homemade Finger Paint 

Coffee Filter Fireworks

“Bubble Art” Collage


Cute Little Caterpillar 


 Perfection Isn’t The Point


Math Fun with Pasta


Secret Code Painting


Easy Reindeer Ornament


Fun and Easy Indoor Activites


Felt Cookie Decorating Fun


 Imagination Connect-the-Dots


 Letter Cube Spelling


Foam/Paper Easter Egg Decorating


Bunny in the Grass


Fizzy Colors

Math War


DIY Super Spy Kit

Travel Lap Tray

 “Stained Glass” Watercolor Collage


 “Surprise Ice Cubes” Sensory Activity

Felt Funny Faces

DIY Lego Travel Tray


Lego Patterns Travel Game

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