What’s In the Bible DVDs…20% Off!

The other day on a recommendation, I picked up “Why Do We Call It Christmas?,” a DVD in Phil Vischer’s (the creator of Veggie Tales) new series called “What’s In The Bible” that teaches children about the concepts and stories of the Bible.

Heading into the Christmas season, I wanted our 4-year old to learn the significance of the true meaning of the holiday. I expected this DVD series to be goofy and entertaining only for children, but I was SO wrong. We both thoroughly enjoyed the history and humor in “Why Do We Call It Christmas?,” so much so, that my husband picked up a couple more DVDs from the “What’s In The Bible” series on his way home from work that evening. Our entire family has loved the episodes and we have learned so much about the Bible in an entertaining yet informative way.

If you are purchasing for a child this year, (I think this series is geared towards the 4-10 year old range; a little older than Veggie Tales) I would highly recommend ordering these DVDs. This link will give you 20% off your purchase, with free shipping on orders over $15.

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Target Trip…Spent $33 For Over $121 Worth of Products!

I had an excellent Target trip this morning. I was only disappointed I didn’t print out two of the Fisher Price coupons when they were available last week. (I only printed one, not knowing if I’d have the opportunity to use them.) The regular price of all these items was more than $120, but using coupons, I snagged everything for only $33. Here’s how:

Simply Orange Juice $3.34
Used $1/1 Manufacturer’s Coupon (printed out from register last trip)
Used $1/1 Target Coupon
Final Price: $1.34

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy $22.99
On Sale for $17
Used 50% off Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Toy from Target In-Ad Coupon
Used $5/1 manufacturer’s coupon (no longer available)
Final Price: $3.50

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Musical Table $44.99
On Sale for $43.69
Used 50% off Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Toy from Target In-Ad Coupon
Used $10/1 manufacturer’s coupon (no longer available)
Final Price: $11.84

Fur Real Friends Dizzy Dancer Toys $8 each (Bought 2)
On Sale for $6.99 each
Used Target B1G1 Free Coupon
Used Two $2/1 Manufacturer’s Coupon
Final Price: $1.50 each

Play Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe $15.79
On Sale for $9.99
Used $3/1 Manufacturer’s Coupon
Final Price: $6.99
NOTE: There is now a $3/1 Target coupon that will lower the price to $3.99! 

Play Doh 24 Pack Color $15.79
On Sale for $9.99
Used $3/1 Manufacturer’s Coupon
Final Price: $6.99
NOTE: There is now a $3/1 Target coupon that will lower the price to $3.99!  

Revlon Nail Clippers $1.42 each (bought 2)
Used $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools Target Coupon (printed out from register last trip)
Final Price: Free (coupon adjusted to $2.84)

All Total, I spent 33.65 for $121.74 worth of products.
And, I started on my Christmas shopping! Baby #2 will be receiving the Laugh and Learn Puppy as his first Christmas gift! I plan to divide up the Play Doh 24 pack to give as party favors and for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. My daughter will be so excited to receive the Swirling Shake Shoppe and one of the Fur Real pets in her Easter Basket, and I don’t have to buy candy :)

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Kid’s Activity–Imagination Connect-the-Dots

My three year old has a new favorite thing–Connect-the-Dots puzzles. As I was printing out page after page of Connect-the-Dots, I thought back to a game I used to play as a kid. I was never very talented with art or any kind of symmetry, really (remember my “Math Ideas” college course?), so I enjoyed doing “abstract” art projects, hoping the term “abstract” would distract people from the truth of my lack of artistic skill. In any case, all you need is a piece of paper and a marker. (Or pen, or pencil, or chalk, or any other writing utensil.)

Yep, that’s all you need for a fun, imagination driven activity for any age.

Draw a lot of random dots on the paper. I like to close my eyes for true random placement, but make sure the marker is washable if you do that. Trust me. Sorry for the shadowed photos…it was an awfully sunny day. (Not that I’m complaining…)

Then have your child connect the dots in any direction or order he/she wants. Once finished, encourage your child to tell you what they see. My daughter and I both saw a dinosaur with a long tail in this one.

Turn the paper sideways or upside down. From this angle it looks like a kangaroo with a mohawk!

I see a howling coyote here!

For more fun, have your child add eyes, a nose, etc, and color their design. Think of this activity as sort of cloud watching. Without the clouds. And not being outside. And with paper. But, it encourages imagination, which is always good.

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The Great Valentines Day Pancake Experiment

I’m not a particularly handy, crafty, artistic, or do-it-yourself person. Not for lack of desire, but because that gene seemed to have skipped me. I’ve tried and failed miserably at knitting, sewing, and [insert any do-it-yourself activity found on Pinterest]. I do, however, love pancakes and can find my way around the kitchen pretty well. So, when I saw some ideas for heart shaped pancakes last week, I knew I was going to attempt them as a Valentine’s Day breakfast for my family.

I whipped the pancake batter up the night before, and Valentine’s Day morning I hopped out of bed (a rarity for this night owl) excited to make delicious, perfectly shaped heart pancakes. Entertaining visions of appearing in the next Martha Stewart Living issue, I transferred the batter into plastic condiment bottles, added red food coloring to half the batter, and heated up the pan.

The first pancake turned out a little awkward, but it was the first pancake after all, and the first pancake is never very good. Then the fun started. The batter kept getting clogged in the bottles. First I tried to clear it with a toothpick, then a bamboo skewer, then I started sawing off the top of the bottles with a serrated knife. This last step, in turn, took away any precision I may have had, thusly creating red and white pancake explosions.

Several pancakes ended up somewhat heart shaped…albeit the kind of “hearts” you would find in a Modern Museum of Art. And, my daughter really enjoyed her breakfast. (I’m completely ignoring the fact that she would have enjoyed any shape/color/variety of pancakes just as much.) It only cost me two condiment bottles (which couldn’t be salvaged after I sawed the tops off), 20 extra blood pressure points, and 45 minutes of my life. Next year, I think we’ll go out.

And, if my husband is reading this, yes, you told me so.

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Kid’s Art Projects…Secret Code Painting

Being in my first trimester of pregnancy, I’m sick and tired. All the time. So, I was looking for an easy activity to keep my daughter occupied that didn’t require a lot of time, effort, or clean-up. Enter Secret Code Painting! All you need is white paper, a white crayon, and watercolors.

Start by drawing a picture or writing your message on a white piece of paper with white crayon.

Once you’re finished, let your child start painting with watercolors on the paper. Soon, your message or picture will appear like magic!

My daughter yelled: “Look, an egg!” When I shook my head she said “A tomato!”. Shaking my head again, she said “An apple!” Finally she threw her hands up and said “I have no idea what that is!” In case you can’t tell, it’s a pumpkin. Happy Fall!

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