Costco Price Comparison: Diapers and Wipes

It’s been a while since my last Costco price comparison. But, I was there yesterday and decided to check the prices of diapers and wipes. I have included the price, the price with coupon (which is usually offered every few months), and the cost per diaper/wipe so you can compare the prices to what you […]

Costco Price Comparison…Baking Goods

Costco had a cheaper per unit price than anything at the grocery stores for baking goods. And, there are rarely high value coupons that would make the unit price similar. If you are going to purchase things like flour and sugar in bulk, you can either invest in airtight containers and store in the pantry, […]

Saving Money

“Costco Price Comparison” Series “Make it Or Buy It” Series Saving Money …Dining Out …When You Don’t Feel Like It …On Groceries-Planning a Menu  …On Groceries-Freezer Cooking  …On Groceries-Meat as a Side Dish …On Gift Giving  …On Family Movie Night  …At the Fair  Spending to Save? Big Picture Savings  …During the Holidays…Getting Organized  Every Penny […]

8 Non-Food Items You Should Buy at Costco

After looking at my Costco price comparisons (which I need to update, by the way, as the entire industry has seen rising prices over the last year), many people still ask me “Is a Costco membership worth it?” While I can’t speak for everyone, I have found Costco to be a great source for many […]