Living Joyfully: Painful Weeds of Life

We have an avocado tree, and last week my husband noticed something growing out from behind it. At first glance, whatever it was blended in with the tree, but upon further inspection we discovered a long, hideously spiky weed protruding out of the avocado tree.The weed appeared to be part of the tree, but in […]

Living Joyfully…Paradise Hidden

Last month, our family had the opportunity to take a vacation…our first such trip in six years. In that span, my husband had not taken more than two consecutive work days off, so it was a much needed break. While there, one of the waiters at a restaurant we ate at asked what sites we […]

Look How Far You’ve Come…

Junior celebrated his first hearing birthday a couple weeks ago. He’s had his “ears” or cochlear implants for a full year now, and while there is still much work to do and milestones to catch up on, we are grateful every day for the gift of sound. Not long ago, I was feeling discouraged at […]

Embrace the Detours

I’m a planner. I’m a list maker. I like to plan for all contingencies and strive to be prepared for anything. If I could devise a list or formula to get through life, I’d be one happy girl. But, as I’ve learned these last two years, that’s not life. Last week we had the opportunity […]

When Christmas Isn’t the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Christmas lights. Christmas music. Christmas cookies. Christmas presents. These are all things that usually put us in a joyful and festive mood. Christmas can be a magical season of family reunions and time with friends. But, for many, Christmas is not magical. It can be the most difficult time of the year. Someone that has […]