Make it or Buy It? Jewelry Cleaner

With all the hand washing going on around here lately, my rings were getting all soap scummy and dull. Remembering the last time I used storebought jewelry cleaner, I spent $6 and had an allergic reaction that caused all the skin around my rings to peel off, I decided to look for a DIY option […]

Make It or Buy It: Enchilada Sauce

I could eat Mexican food every single day. And, growing up in Southern California, I always had plenty of opportunities to fulfill that craving. One of my simple pleasures is a good, hearty enchilada. I’ve had some success making them from home, but canned sauces have always seemed to ruin my efforts, as they are […]

Make It Or Buy It….Almond Butter

I’m a fan of most nut butters, and when we purchased our new blender recently, I was thrilled to see recipes for different nut butters, including Almond Butter. Almond Butter is pretty expensive at the stores, so I wanted to see how much cheaper it would be to make it from scratch. Especially since the […]

Make it Or Buy It? Detangler

I have seen recipes all over the internet for homemade hair detangler. Since this is something my daughter uses on a daily basis, I decided to try my luck at it. It’s actually very simple. (So simple, in fact, that I feel a little dumb for buying it!) Yep, that’s the cast of characters. Just […]

Saving Money

“Costco Price Comparison” Series “Make it Or Buy It” Series Saving Money …Dining Out …When You Don’t Feel Like It …On Groceries-Planning a Menu  …On Groceries-Freezer Cooking  …On Groceries-Meat as a Side Dish …On Gift Giving  …On Family Movie Night  …At the Fair  Spending to Save? Big Picture Savings  …During the Holidays…Getting Organized  Every Penny […]