First Grade Curriculum Choices: MIDYEAR UPDATE

*Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter* One of my most popular posts this year was the curriculum we chose for Tater’s first grade year. But now our curriculum looks vastly different than it did at the beginning of the year! We’ve made so many changes that I figured another post was in order to let […]

Homeschooling When Your Child is Uncooperative

Both of my children are what you would consider “spirited”. Other terms for their personality include “strong-willed”, “persistent”, and “determined”. These are traits that will serve them well in the future–working diligently towards their chosen professions, confidence in relationships, and staying true to their values despite peer pressure. However, right now these “positive traits” come […]

Homeschooling…A Day in The Life

One of the most common homeschooling questions I get is “How long does school take every day?” Well, there’s a short answer and a long answer to this one. I’ll start with the short answer first: As long as it takes! The long answer is a little more involved, but it really depends on the […]

Homeschooling-Our 1st Grade Curriculum

We’ve decided to do a mostly year-round school schedule, taking a week off here and there this summer for VBS, day camp, and a family vacation, as well as a couple days off every few weeks for Field Trips or just to relax. Stinker pushed through her Kindergarten curriculum pretty quickly, so as we finish […]