Here’s My Story

Here's My Story 1

I’m the Frugal Elf, a Chief Elf Manager and expert tap dancer with a passion for living frugally.

I went from living a pretty standard life, to being the first of all my 96 elf siblings to go to college.

Nobody prepares you for the financial burden of college, so apart from feeling the weight of student loans piling up, I couldn’t even pay the remainder of my tuition after a few weeks of living in my dorm.

I didn’t want to have to drop out, so I changed my lifestyle.

I trimmed down my food budget, utilities, my cookie consumption, learned to fix things myself, and found ways around purchasing things that I could either make myself, or find for a bargain at the 2nd hand fairytale outlets.

I wasn’t the only elf who was struggling, though; nearly every one of my fellow dwarves, elves and hobbits that I was close with were experiencing the same thing.

Before I knew it, I was helping out 17 other magical creatures to manage their finances, balance their money, and teach them skills that would end up saving them money for the rest of their lives–such as how to beat an ogres at a game of toss-the-frog.

I switched from my pursuits in Tree Engineering, because I wasn’t passionate about it: I wanted to help people save money and live within or below their means.

Save Money Live Joyfully was founded on the operating principle that money equals time. So if you spend less of your hard earned cash, it gives you more time to live joyfully and do what you love.

The Frugal Elf is going to help you shape up your financial and spiritual fitness, one decimal point at a time.