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Best tampon alternative

The absolute best tampon alternative is The Diva Cup. You’ll never have to buy a tampon again! And it’s good for the environment 🙂

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Are you having issues managing your periods? We all understand that our body functions differently from one another. Similarly, the flow of our periods is also different. Some get a heavy flow, some get medium and some get a light flow. Many of us even stress out when we do not have regularity in our period cycle and if they’re irregular it can become pretty stressful and hard to manage.

Why do we always feel insecure and uncomfortable whenever we’re about to start a menstrual cycle? Why does our stress level peak during these days? But fear not! There are several products that can change your life and take the stress out of your period. You’ll never have to buy a tampon or pad again! All you need is a reusable period cup!

Different companies owned by women are still bringing innovations to eliminate traditional ways that were used to manage periods. Different products are now manufactured that are chemical-free and environmentally friendly as well. There are various health-related issues also being addressed by various doctors that arise due to the traditional ways of handling periods. That is why different alternatives are manufactured that are safe to use and provide comfort and ease as well.

Are You Using Tampons for Your Menstrual Cycle?

Tampons have been a necessity for most women since like forever. It is considered to be the perfect product to manage the period cycle. Today as well, tampons are still considered to be the best solution and highly trusted by women. But due to rapid inventions taking place, there is a tampon alternative developed. Even pads are now gradually being replaced and the different alternative is being manufactured that ensure feminine hygiene.

Another great reason for introducing a tampon alternative is that tampons are a bit costly. The worst part is that menstrual pads and tampons are still considered to be the most luxurious feminine products and the tax exemption is ineligible for these products. That is why tampons and pads are now considered to be the most expensive products in the grocery stores almost all around the world. This sets a perception that menstruating is becoming expensive now.

On the other hand, it is also observed that pads and tampons are creating a great amount of wastage. This is because disposing of these products is not healthy for our planet as well. Different chemicals are released that pollutes the planet incredibly. That is why scientists are still working and have also manufactured to introduce, cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of tampons and pads and use a tampon alternative during the menstruation process.

What’s the Best Tampon Alternative?

You must be wondering why a tampon alternative is considered to be the best solution during menstruation. Well, there are numerous reasons but the major one is that tampon alternatives are also keeping the internal functioning of the body healthy. This is because pads and tampons when used for a long period in a day, for instance for more than 5 hours, have different chemicals that are released and can cause infection or fungus in the vagina.

Tampons alternatives are also highly recommended because they are less costly. They eliminate the concept of luxurious among many women and encourage everyone to use safe and healthy products during their periods. Few of these products are also reusable and therefore, it eliminated incredible wastages that were initially being done by disposing of pads and tampons. This is also helping us greatly to keep our environment and our plant healthy and clean.

There are various tampon alternatives available in the markets now. These products are offered by different brands as well. We will discuss various tampon alternative products and you need to decide which one it the best for you. Many tampon users have also claimed that the products hurt them as well which provides them discomfort during their menstruating cycle.

Doctors have, therefore, focused to provide safety solutions for women so that they can accomplish all their tasks and goals without hesitating and worrying about their menstrual cycle that is why various tampon alternatives are as follows:

The Winner: The Diva Cup

The Absolute Best Tampon Alternative 1The Absolute Best Tampon Alternative 2

The Menstrual Diva Cup is considered to be one of the best solutions and a tampon alternative. This is because it is easy to use and ensures complete hygiene. It is even proved by different users that the Diva cup is odorless and ensures to provide complete protection for more than 12 hours. It can collect the flow for about 12 hours in a day as the menstrual cup is leak proof.

The device is highly comfortable to use during menstruation and can be reused easily. The user just has to remove the cup by pinching the base a little and then pulling it out. Once the Dive Cup is pulled out it is all ready to be washed intensely with warm water. If you are looking for the Diva Cup then make sure you visit and get your menstrual cup now!

Other Tampon Alternatives

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The Flex Menstrual Discs are also considered to be the best solution for managing the menstrual flow and the best tampon alternative. It is just like a menstrual cup that is made up of rubber or silicon. Due to this, the Flex Menstrual Disc is safe to wear and comfortable to carry. This device comes in various shapes and colors as well.

The shapes usually depend on the menstrual flow. The device can be worn for about 12 hours in a day and the best part is that it can be easily removed and reused. The stem of the device is extremely soft that can be extended to gently remove the suction seal. To clean the device it needs to be cleansed with warm water and fragrance-free soap.

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The ziggy cups provide similar benefits that menstrual cups do but they are more inclined towards keeping the environment safe. The Intimina Ziggy Cups makes sure to save pockets and the environment. This is because the ziggy cup can be reused. This feature eliminates sanitary wastage incredibly. The disc of the device is made from silicone that is of medical grade.

That is why the ziggy cups work in a similar way like the other menstrual cups do. The ziggy cup users have also cautioned about the device that it can be a little challenging to insert it as the rim of the cup is extremely soft. Other than this, the device might not fit women that have a tilted uterus.

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Can you imagine using sea sponges as a tampon alternative? Well, it was discovered that sea sponges can also be used as a natural tampon alternative. This is considered to be a solution provided by nature to manage the menstrual flow. The sustainable harvesting of the sponges is done in the Mediterranean Sea. The user does not have to stress about the different chemicals, fragrance, bleach, BPA or any synthetic materials.

This is because these sponges are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals like in man-made products. Inserting the sponges is not an easy job. This can be a bit tricky because you’re the sponges are not too soft. The sponges need to be completely dry to be inserted in the vagina. However, the users also say that it is pretty comfortable once the sponge is inserted. It is also long-lasting as it has good absorbent quality.

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Have you ever thought about using your labia to help you deal with your menstrual cycle? Well, there are Interlabial Menstrual Pads available that are a kind of cross that is between a tampon and a panty liner. These are life pads but they are made up of soft cotton. They can be tucked inside the labia. They are called petal clothes because they are shaped like petals. The fabric is so soft that it provides a high comfort level to the user.

These pads are not as sticky as the adhesive stickiness of the pads can be extremely annoying. You might think that the size of the pads is too small for your menstrual flow but don’t underestimate the functionality. These cloths can absorb the menstrual flow more than a tampon can. One of the best qualities is that they can be reused again. You need to wash them to reuse.

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There are panties for women that are menstrual protective. There is built-in protection in the panties which is made up of a liquid-resistant gusset; the moister is wicked by the protection liner that also eliminates any chances of odor. They do not move their position as pads do. They remain close to your pubic area and also make sure that your pubic hair is not ripped out while removing it.

There are various tampon alternatives available in the market. These alternatives are pocket-friendly and make sure to save the environment as well. If you are looking for the best alternatives then don’t forget to consider the products mentioned above.

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