Best Way to Save Opened Wine

Best way to save opened wine

The absolute best way to save opened wine is with an electric wine preserver!

Are you wondering what’s the best way to save opened wine? We mean, how long are this thing going to stay fresh and are it even worth keeping? Here we go to elaborate exactly how long each of your favorite wines can be stored after you’ve opened them. And we are going to give you a few tips for the best way to save opened wine and on how to keep your wines extra fresh.

  • Tip-1:

So the major thing we need to understand is oxygen. Wine has a love-hate relationship with oxygen. On the one hand, oxygen is what opens up the wine. It’s what allows all those aromas and flavors to come to life. But once the wine has contact with oxygen, it reaches a point where the oxygen actually starts to decompose the wine. So once you’ve opened your wine and you’re ready to store it, that’s when we need to limit the oxygen contact as much as possible. So here are the rules to remember. Sparkling wines, whew, those are going to last you about one to two days.

  • Tip-2:

Keep your wine out of the sunlight. Sunlight will accelerate the decomposition, so your wine’s going to go bad faster. It’s better to store your open wine in a cool dry place. We’re talking 55 degrees like our refrigerator. The cold temperature is actually going to slow down that decomposition process.

  • Tip-3:

Did you know that an open bottle of wine will last longer if you put it in the fridge overnight? Cooler temperatures help slow down the oxidation process and make a wine taste fresher for longer. While some people naturally put white wines back into the fridge, you’re better to replace the cork or screw cap and put everything into the fridge, even reds.

You’ll taste the difference straight away. With wine, you always want to avoid temperature fluctuation. So once that bottle is stored in the fridge, only pour what you’re going to drink and let that come to room temperature. Keep the rest of the bottle in the fridge.

  • Tip-4:

Get a preservation system. These can range from pretty high end, to super inexpensive. This is going to extend the life of your wine by sucking out all that oxygen and it’s a killer workout and probably is the best way to save opened wine.


  • Understanding the wine storage temperatures:

The perfect temperature for putting away most wine is 12 degrees Celsius. Introduction to temperatures higher than 24 degrees will make wine start to oxidize. In fact, stored in an overly hot environment, the wine will become cooked; that is to say, the fruit aromas will taste stewed and caramelized, not fresh. Wine certainly ages best in cool environments.

However, extremes should be avoided. Storing wine at temperatures lower than 12 degrees Celsius will not necessarily harm the wine, but it will slow down the rate at which it matures. It will also put the cork and the glass bottle at risk when the wine starts to warm up again and expand.

There are certain truths to be told, a few contrasts between a designated wine cooler and a normal ice chest or regular refrigerator. Conventional fridges chill substance off excessively quick and keep them excessively cool, risking ice shaping inside the wine container thus, hinder maturing. If the fridge is utilized to keep other victuals also, then the frequent opening and closing of the fridge door to obtain food and other stuff, denotes that the temperature is perpetually fluctuating, which greatly disrupts the aging process.

Even more of a quandary is the lack of sultriness in standard refrigerators. This dry environment is likely to cause the cork in your bottle to dry out and the wine within may become oxidized, as a result. A dried cork also ceases to protect your wine from surrounding odors, of which there are many in a regular fridge.

Last but not least are the refrigerator’s vibrations which harm the wine. Unfortunately, regular refrigerators run on compressors, which cause them to vibrate almost constantly. Although red wine on the whole ages better than white wine, due to its tannins, white wine is more robust to temperature fluctuations than red. So if you’re worried about chilling white wine in the fridge before serving it, fear not. Even if you play it hot or cold, your white wine will remain pretty chilled about it.

  • Explaining the wine accessories:

Wine accessories are an important part of drinking wine and help to make the experience that much better. Owning them professionally will contribute in to help you opt the best way to store opened wine for future use. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to effectively drink or enjoy a glass of wine. The wine pourer is one of the most important wine accessories in the wine market.

This is found at the head portion of the opener near the top. It is located directly across from the wine stopper and is made out of stainless steel. The wine pourer used is known as a free-flowing wine pourer. It very easily disengages from the wine opener with just a simple pull. Then it can be placed directly into the opening of your wine bottle.

And this wine pourer helps to give you a smooth and non-turbulent wine pour while at the same time preventing wine spillage. So you get to drink all of your wine and keep your table cloths clean at the same time.

  • Some proven steps to improve your time with wine:
  1. Store your wine Store bottles on their sides keep bottles at dark and cool humidity level – 50 to 80 percent keep the wind steady.
  2. Open your wine cut the foil a half-inch below the lip insert the corkscrew in the center gently pull the cork Pick the right glass red – a fuller bowl with the large opening white – U-shaped with a high stem sparkling – upright and narrow tip: hold the glass by the step.
  3. Aerate your wine open the bottle let it breathe – 15 to 30 minutes use a wine aerator or a decanter Pour a glass of wine inserts your wine pourer poor in the center of the glass poor from 6 to 10 inches fill up to a third at the glass.
  4. Taste your wine take a look, swirl, checked the legs take a sniff sense fruits earth and would take a sip – taste fruits, sweetness, alcohol Keep wine temperature freezes the chilling rod make room in the bottle insert the wine chiller enjoy.

The Best Way to Save Opened Wine

Electric Wine Preserver – VKR-WP01

Best Way to Save Opened Wine 1Best Way to Save Opened Wine 2

The Electric Wine Preserver introduces a more expeditious, more facile, more efficacious way to preserve red wine. Owning this electric wine preserver is indeed the best way to save opened wine with ease. Simply plugging in and the Electric Wine Preserver makes a vacuum in short order, fixing the container and saving the wine’s flavor for possibly more than seven days.

Now no more manual siphoning or feeble seals that depressurize after some time, because Electric Wine Preserver is an ideal present for experienced wine experts or wine sampling amateurs as well.

Operating instructions:

  • Press the silica gel plug down into the wine bottle thoroughly.
  • The LED ring light turns on when pumping commences and off when the necessary vacuum level is obtained.
  • The vacuum siphon may consequently and consistently distinguish the pneumatic stress in the bottle. When the weight hops to 39-48Kpa, the siphon will re-extricate the air from the container and keep up the weight at the scope of 20-25Kpa consistently.
  • The siphon can keep opened wine be crisp more than 7 days.
  • It bears an anti-dumping function so that when the bottle inclines at the angle of over 45°, the anti-dumping will be triggered instantly and the air extraction will be ceased in the meanwhile.
  • Two power batteries are required for the electric activity. The LED marker may blaze and will start intimating when the battery is low.
  • The implicit silicone plug can be evacuated and washed. Just delicately separate the plastic part and silicone plug; now rinse, dry and install back to the contrivance.


  • Not to utilize the item around the combustible and touchy gases.
  • It is advised to power off the contrivance afore abstracting/superseding batteries, and recommended to discard the batteries in accordance with the national/local regulations.
  • Batteries are excluded from the bundle because of the security constraints while delivering the products.
  • It is recommended not to place the item into the water to maintain a strategic distance to eschew damage on the battery connection and power supply.


  • Product: Electric Wine Preserver
  • Package Dimensions (Inches): 3 x 3.2 x 2.2
  • Product’s Weight (Ounces): 5.9
  • Product’s Model: VKR-WP01
  • Batteries Type: AAA
  • Batteries Required: 2

Bottom Line

Have the best wine without stressing over breaking glass or losing freshness with the Electric Wine Preserver – VKR-WP01. It assists in keeping win last longer by limiting oxygen exposure to the wine. If you don’t not culminate with a bottle (or you opt to bring one with you to a picnic or alfresco event), then just pour the wine into the pouch and constrict the bag until there’s no more air inside.

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