Best Way to Store Leftover Pizza

Best way to store leftover pizza

These Slice Containers are the absolute best way to store leftover pizza!

Ordering Pizza is the most difficult thing. Whenever you order Pizza it’s very difficult to estimate as to whether one’s ordering enough or not. Sometimes we order a medium size Pizza and it turns out to be very small. Imagine the awkward silence in the room when Pizza arrives and one realizes it may not be enough to go around.

Therefore, ordering a large or extra-large Pizza is the safest, especially whenever you have guests over. As per tradition, we are told it’s better to have Pizza slices lying around rather than ordering a small or medium size Pizza and not having enough slices to go around.

At whatever point we get pizza conveyed for supper, we generally request a bigger one than we’ll have the option to eat at a time. Why? Just in light of the fact that we need extras. Once we discovered how facile it is to reheat a slice of pizza on the stove, having a few extra slices around designates a facile lunch or snack.

What to do with the leftover Pizza?

Or the better question is how to store the leftover Pizza. Some may suggest putting the whole box in the refrigerator. This may be ideal for bachelors or couples with no children. However, for big families, storing the box becomes an obstacle for getting to the order stuff or it just makes it the refrigerator so cramped that it storing new items becomes a hassle.

The most ideal approach and the best way to store leftover pizza aren’t to leave it in the case and push the entire thing in the cooler. The dazzling air circling around the cuts in that cardboard box will get dried out in a major rush.

The most ideal route is to stack and wrap: Place a solitary layer of cuts on a supper plate. Spot a sheet of wax, foil or material paper. At that point continue stacking, exchanging pizza and paper, until all the pizzas on the plate. Firmly envelop the entire thing by saran wrap and spot in the cooler. That is it! It’s not as simple as simply tossing the crate in the cooler; however, you’ll wind up with more delicious extras.

Stack the extra slices in a substantial sized bag:

Once we’re done victualing, we let the rest of the cuts chill off and afterward evaluate. On the off chance that it’s a pizza that is not very saucy, we simply stack the cuts into a resealable sack and consider it daily. The cheddar has solidified and chilled enough that the cuts don’t adhere to one another, and the entire parcel can simply go directly on the fridge rack.

Reheating the leftover pizza:

This is not arduous as long as you ken upfront that your most paramount ingredient here is patience. Simply follow these means definitely and we guarantee you will have a fresh base outside layer, sultry melted cheese and no sign whatsoever that it was made the day afore.

• • • • •

Place a couple of cuts exposed skillet covering side down. Put a top on the skillet.
Set skillet on a stovetop burner set on medium-high warmth. Set clock for eight minutes.

Wait, and don’t look or evacuate that top in any capacity whatsoever. Simply don’t.

That is
you might be pondering about. It’s everything about keeping the temperature at medium-high and not evacuating the cover in any capacity whatsoever until it’s finished.

Why not store it in Plastic Wrap or Tupper Ware?

Another solution and the best way to store leftover pizzas are to store them in the so-called Tupper Ware. With Tupperware, you may be able to store the Pizza conveniently but you may need to store all slices at once and then what happens you need to reheat one slice?

It really becomes a hassle that takes the whole thing out carefully peel out the slice and comprises the toppings falling off to the floor. What about the buzz going around about plastic being harmful to your health? Do you really want to comprise on that? Besides high-quality Tupper Ware can be very expensive.

Plastic wrap or foil may be inexpensive. However, it has been proved that plastic that gives away toxins that can be mixed with the food over time and can prove to be harmful. The toxins that mix with food can disrupt your hormones and are the cause of various types of cancers, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, any food wrapped in plastic foil or wrap tends to lose its freshness. Frozen food wrapped in plastic just does not taste the same second time around.

It would be better to throw the leftovers than store them in Tupper Wares or any kind of plastic wrap or foil.

it! No compelling reason to include water or oil, or flip the cuts, or do some other thing

Exploring the best way to store leftover Pizza? Or should one just throw it the leftovers? Why not try out Kitchknacks Pizza Slice Container 3 Pack?

The Best Way to Store Leftover Pizza: Kitchknacks Pizza Slice Container 3 Pack

Best Way to Store Leftover Pizza 1Best Way to Store Leftover Pizza 2

This is the new advanced and hassles free and the best way to store leftover pizza. The Kitchknacks Pizza Slice Container comes with three Pizza Holders. You may be asking what the features of the Kitchknacks Pizza Slice Container are and how to get hold of one.

Unique Features:

The features of the Kitchknacks Pizza Slice Container are as follows:

❖ Harmless & Durable:

Made of TPR material, this means it is made up of thermoplastic material having properties of both rubber and plastic. Making it a very strong, lightweight and convenient way of carrying it around and since it is BPA free, you don’t have to worry about the bad toxins of plastic affecting your loved ones especially your kids.

Throw away plastic wraps and foils that may affect the health of the people you care or the environment. Plastic bags are always considered as harmful to the environment. Why is the cause of pollution? Many sea animals are dying as they get stuck in the plastic bags we throw away.

❖ Size:

Measuring in at 8.2×9.8×1.3 inches, this is the ideal storage device and the best way to store leftover pizza in the refrigerator without comprising on space. Imagine when you store a big box of leftover pizza in your fridge and it is hard to get to food items or to put in newly purchased food items. Simply stack them one over the other or just place them in the space available.

Please do not that it can only be used for the average size pizzas and not for pizza slices that may be large such as the New York Pizza Slice or the Extra-large slices that some pizza vendors may be offering such as the huge slices that some pizza vendors are currently making for promotions such as who can finish a slice of a large pizza, etc.

❖ Convenient and Easy To Use:

As one storage device stores one slice of Pizza, it is very convenient to use. No longer does one have to the ordeal of separating frozen slices of pizza and picking up the falling toppings. Simply put on a slice in one container and when hungry just pop it in the microwave. Yes!

It is very much microwave friendly no hassle of first placing it in a plate and reheating the microwave. Just grab it from the fridge and toss it in the microwave. It can easily be done by anyone even by kids. It’s as simple as the ABC or 123.

❖ Convenient Packing:

With each order, you get a pack of three pizza slice storage packs. This means one pizza slice will be in one storage pack, making it very convenient as well as the best way to store leftover pizza and to carry it conveniently. Imagine carry only two storage packs to work. It can easily fit in your purse, carry on or laptop bag.

Easily fits in the bag of your kids. This way they don’t have to worry about carrying additional items in hands and don’t have to worry about them losing it. They just have to put it in their bag once they are finished. It’s that simple.

❖ Easy To Clean:
The storage packs are very easy to clean. Just clean it as you would your other kitchen utensils

with dishwashing liquid or if you live in a dormitory can also be cleaned with ordinary soap. If you do have any access to one, you can also throw it in your dishwasher. Don’t worry it is sturdy enough to bear the high temperatures of the dishwasher. Not that difficult after all.

❖ Easy To Order:

As it can be easily ordered from, One doesn’t have to worry about scammers or whether the order will come on time or not. You’re probably asking whether you’ll like it or not. No worries, has you covered. You can easily get your money back if you’re satisfied with the product.


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Item Weight

10.2 Ounces

Dimensions (Package)

9.6 x 9.1 x 2.7 Inches


Great Discounts on Ordering Six Slices of the Storage Device:

For just a small additional price, you can order 6 slices of the storage device. To order one today, simply click here and get this amazing product at your doorstep.

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