The Ultimate Guide on the Best Way to Store Potatoes

Best Way to Store Potatoes

Eddingtons Vegetable Storage Bags are the absolute best way to store potatoes.

Let’s talk about harvesting your potatoes and getting them ready for storage. You can have potatoes throughout the winter. And the ideal conditions are you would have your vines dead for two to three weeks before you dig. And you want your ground to be a little bit drier also.  Now it’s time to have your frost, get these dug up and out of the ground.

As you’ll have to dry off the potatoes before you actually store them, so you can leave the vines on the ground just plow them back into the ground, or you can compost them, or if you’re too concerned you can throw them away.

One thing you want to really be careful of is making sure you don’t follow potatoes behind, or fall behind the potatoes, with another Solanaceous crop such as tomatoes or peppers; that would tend to build up the soil-borne diseases and cause some other problems. Thus you should follow the potatoes with corn, or cucumbers, or squash, or something like that because that’s the different family from the potatoes and the tomatoes.

Storing Potatoes

Storability of the potatoes is affected by several things, the most interesting of which is the type of soil that you have. If you have sandy soil the potatoes don’t store as long; the potato growers know about sandy potatoes. What do they call sand potatoes? They need to put them closest to the door of their potato sellers, so that when it’s time to harvest to market them they can get those out first.

The density of the solids in the potatoes is not as – as dense and not as much in there as there is with the heavier clay soil potato. So if you’ve got the sandy soil potato that’s one of the things that would affect how long you can store them, also the varieties are different too as far as the storability, but the biggest thing is how do you treat them after you’ve harvested them.

Potatoes have to have tough skin – presently potatoes are a living being and their breathing all through the winter, thus they will recuperate themselves from wounds and scratches.

If you have made some damages to the potatoes it’s ideal to get those consumed immediately and afterward store those that have not had any harm done to them. If you get some bruises and scrapes on the potatoes they’ll heal themselves; you want to cure them after you’ve dug them up.

Best conditions for storing potatoes

The two main things you want to consider for the best way to store potatoes are temperature and humidity. The higher the humidity – you want your storage humidity to be around 90% humidity – and so a few years ago I built this root cellar. Root cellars are an excellent place to store potatoes; they’re good for carrots and they’re pretty good for onions, so if you’ve got a root cellar that’s a good place to store your potatoes.

 The ideal temperature for storing potatoes

Temperature-wise, the ideal temperatures to store your potatoes are 42 to 50 degrees. Now the temperature that you store them at is kind of determined by your intended use for them. If you’re down closer to the 42 or even colder than 40 – you can go colder than 42 but that’s not ideal – but if you’re down close to that 42 degrees the starches in your potatoes will convert to sugars.

Temperature variance suitable for making French Fries or Potato Chips

If you’re going to do French fries or potato chips then you’re going to have…they’ll turn black when you fry them – they’ll turn dark. They’ll taste fine, but they just turn dark, so if you don’t want that dark color then you don’t want your temperatures down closer to the 42, you want them up closer to the 50 degrees.

The problem with the 50-degree temperature is that your potatoes will start to break dormancy and sprout quicker. So the colder temperatures will keep them from sprouting as fast, you can store them longer; the warmer temperatures will keep the French fries and potato chips from turning black. If you’re going to be boiling or baking your potatoes colder temperatures are fine, if you want to use them for French fries or potato chips then you want them up closer to 50 degrees. So that’s the reasoning for the temperature variance; you start getting below the 42 degrees they store fine, but you definitely don’t want them to freeze, but you get that sugar conversion.

If you’re going to be using them fairly quickly at home you can put them under the kitchen sink, or someplace like that – in a pantry – just keep in mind that the warmer temperatures they’ll sprout quicker.

Greening of potatoes

The other thing, of course, you want it dark so that you don’t get greening on your potatoes. Too much greening can actually be kind of toxic but it does turn bitter; the flavor, the potatoes will turn bitter. If they turn green and you cook them. So we want to avoid the greening, and to do that then keep them out of light; you want a totally dark place to store them. Indeed that’s the best way to store potatoes. So in your house, if you’ve got a basement in the corner, your temperatures can be kind of cooler down in the basement so you can store them in the basement they’ll store longer.


 Another thing to consider for considering the best way to store potatoes is that you want them in a breathable container. If your potato container got holes and leaks in it and everything; it’s a good container that I can store them in my root cellar.

So, the reusable canvas sack is perfect for putting away potatoes. It includes a dark out breathable liner to keep out light and prevent sprouting. The drawstring top closures assist with keeping substance crisp, and the zipped base permits simple access when hung in the kitchen.

Eddingtons Vegetable Store Bags

The Best Way to Store Potatoes 1The Best Way to Store Potatoes 2

Eddingtons storage bags brought about the splendid conceptions for your kitchen. Eddingtons’ Potato Storage Bag makes putting away your spuds in a simple but smart way and ultimately is the best way to store potatoes. It is a machine launderable bag so it’s facile to keep immaculate; this stylish roll-top sack features a potato illustration, designed by our in-house designer, which makes this bag more interesting. So it’s facile to locate your potatoes yare for roasting, mashing, and baking.

  • Permits air to circulate:

Made from the breathable porous material with a liner that squares out light and forestalls potatoes turning green, the sack permits air to revolve and keep penetrating inside and keep your spuds in a breathable situation.

Its vent-control feature makes it an ideal bag for potatoes’ storage. It has a level base and gusseted sides so it very well may be utilized like unsupported, and making it ideal for sitting on a rack or inside a pantry, and the ‘trap entryway’ opening at the base permits you to take out the potatoes that were uncovered or purchased first and ultimately assists in limiting waste.

  • State of the Art storage:

Its smart design enables your kitchen to run easily, these pabulum storage bags are the impeccable and best way to store potatoes and other stock, giving you facile access, time after time. These bags are an incredible incentive for cash and with wide-necked openings for a simple filling, turn over tops which guarantee zero light can get in and button terminations, your storeroom won’t be complete without them.

  • Specifications:

Brand Name: Eddingtons

Product: Potato Storage Bag

Product’s Dimensions (Inches): 10.2 x 1.3 x 11.4 Inches

Product’s Weight (Ounces): 8 Ounces

Bottom Line

Eddingtons gives simply the best to their clients. They realize that discovering great quality sacks are hard, so they’ve made every one of their packs reliably high-caliber and premium made.

These bags are eco-friendly. Not exclusively are you doing without plastic shopping packs; however, Eddingtons gives a guaranteed natural 100% biodegradable muslin stockpiling sack liberated from lethal synthetic substances. The eco-accommodating bag is in this suitable to use for carrying food.

If you are seeking for an all-purpose storage bag, Eddingtons’ bags go past the grocery usage into voyaging admirably and towards making great gifts. So, opt for the best way to store potatoes, opt for a reusable and organic potato storage bag 🙂

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