The Cheapest iPhone Repair

cheapest iphone repair

Buy an electronic repair kit and repair your iPhone by yourself easily! All you need is the kit and to watch some youtube tutorials.

Here is the Cheapest iPhone Repair Solution

As far as we came in this world of technology where we have our retina-ready devices to perform our tasks whether it is enjoying a good Netflix Series, consuming YouTube content or working remotely from your home.

It all comes with few clicks on our laptops, tablets or smartphone. We do use many digital gadgets but what we always have with us is our smartphone that is our daily driver for normal usage, as it just makes everything easy to operate with their best designed operating systems.

We preferably have many operating systems but Android and IOS are two widely used OS, which is the best because of their security and user-friendly interface. Android is a great platform to operate applications from Google which are very well optimized.

But if people are asked to choose one, they prefer IOS because of its more security. It is fast with fewer bugs, less annoying ads, and has elegant designs. So, we rely on it for our day to day usage and that’s the reason why Apple has a wide range of devices which includes its phones, tablets, and laptops and their customers actually love it.

Apple Products:

Buying an Apple product and working in a secure ecosystem created by IOS made our life easy. As you can access your files and folders from anywhere using your Apple account, you just have to start the work, performing your tasks, playing games, enjoying video streaming.

Having a bug free interface and security from cyber-attacks is what makes IOS the best-selling Operating System. But one cannot deny that we have to be very careful with our smartphone in order to protect them from unintentional drops and damages.

But it’s not other less than a nightmare when our iPhone gets dropped of erroneously while pulling out of pocket or unintentionally dropped while putting somewhere. And we see either its front panel get splintered or the glass at back got fragmented.

We here many very other common problems that take place in our daily life including water damage, overheating and battery problems. Besides these common issues screen and panel tear down is something that costs a handful of money.

It hurts and now we know the repairing cost for iPhone is too high in comparison with other smartphones and so we want to get our phone repaired to make it work.

XOOL (80 in 1) precision set

The Cheapest iPhone Repair 1The Cheapest iPhone Repair 2

No need to worry now, we bring you the cheapest iPhone repair kit with best professional. 80 in 1 toolkit to get your iPhone, iPad or Tablets repaired, we are about to introduce the cheapest iPhone repair kit that is easy to use and easy to carry.

With high quality, lightweight this toolkit bag which is designed by Oxford to protect the bits from any damage and is comfortable to carry, XOOL

Normal Repair vs. XOOL 80 in 1 Repair Toolkit:

80 in 1 precision and the professional set is designed as a repair check to all your electronic device, specially, designed for iPhone, i-Pad, Tablets, Consoles or any Smartphone, whether you are a professional or an amateur it’s handy and easy to use.

If you will look into local marketplaces or even in local Apple stores where the repair cost of minor damage is too high that you end up thinking of getting your phone fixed, XOOL 80 in 1 toolkit (cheapest iPhone repair kit) is very efficient at very low price available to make easy repairs on the go.

The normal damage fixed at Apple store starts from 120$ to 320$, If your device has a warranty they will charge 29$ just for broken screen repair and opening it. And the charges without warranty ranges from 129$ to 329$, after applying additional charges of looking into it they charge 149$ to 599$.

Besides these problems, we got like battery draining and white screen issues, proximity sensor or camera face id not working, sometimes it’s the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that cause us big blunders to go through, so we came up with a solution, here we have our XOOL Toolkit with many types of stainless and acid-proof bits, that will make your mobile repairing work easy.

Whether you are looking to fix your battery problems or screen problems you can do it efficiently whenever you want. You can use these hard metal bits to pull out the screws with metallic pull and one can easily replace whether it is battery or screen.

But your worries are ended we got the best tool for cheapest iPhone repair, XOOL offers 80 tools in 1 toolkit, It offers 56 bits made up of S2 steel that makes easier to have an open check to your device, every bit is standard sized and highly durable with great plastic extension for easy hands-on use.

This toolkit includes Utility knife, Anti-Static tweezers, Anti-Static Wrist Strap, SIM card ejector

pin, and LCD Suction Cup, Triangle plectrum, plastic spurges, metal spurges, SIM card shells,

Magnetizing and demagnetizing tool, etc., which makes it easy for you to repair minor damages even at home.

As we mentioned that it’s the cheapest iPhone repair kit it has screwdriver are also suitable for repairing iPhone SE / 7 / 7 Plus /6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPod just in a very nominal price, which is a one-time investment for all your accessories to make them work well and free from minor vandalism.

Why choose XOOL 80 in 1 Repair Toolkit?

• Applications:

XOOL 80 in 1 is the best cheapest iPhone repair toolkit available in the market place with the efficient 56 bits in just 1 pack. It’s designed in a way which is easy to work on even if you are amateur who doesn’t know how to work with tools ever before. These tools are easy to use with plastic extension and easy-grip provided and efficient to carry in any bag made by Oxford.

XOOL cheap repair kit has a wide range of applications but we would like to mention the important ones. Here is its most common application is, it is used to fix minor destructions caused by phone drop. You can also use this toolkit to clean up your phone by opening with the most efficient bits provided to make it look for mesmerizing and dust-free.

XOOL is the cheapest iPhone repair kit but you can also use it to fix Nintendo switch and many more gadgets that require good equipment for fixing some minor bugs. You can also use it to gift to your friends, family, and colleagues, they will never deny this useful kit for sure.

• Quality:

• Economical Benefits:

All 56 bits (screwdrivers) are made up of S2 steel which is highly durable and all the bits are tested with good quality testing, it has a flexible plastic extension to make it easier for hands-on use. And not meant to be broken, it is also resistant to corrosive agents and any type of acids and stains. Non-slip handles are non-slippery and comfortable for application.

XOOL Cheap iPhone Repair Kit has many economic benefits, which you can’t deny but few are just too important to mention here. This tool comes with the lowest price of 21.89$, which is far less than a minor repair cost of a smart phone, which after buying this cheapest iPhone repair toolkit you will be benefited with. It will also help you to open up other digital gadgets for cleansing or repairing purpose, you will get easy on minor drops and problems facing right now.

• Magnetic Touch:

XOOL 80 in1 toolkit also has a magnetic touch in bits to easily pull the screws out. It is just perfect for electronic devices to get easily screws out whereas shaft is hard to get. Each bid has resistive ESD coating, which protects the electronics from any type of damage.

• Easy to carry:


XOOL toolkit is much easy to carry with its portable bag designed by Oxford, which makes it more convenient and lightweight; it provides easy storage and great protection to bits.





S2 High-Quality Steel

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Toolkit 80 in 1 (Bits)


Good Toughness and Durable


So, if you want to get stress free and make it easier for you to fix your electronics and digital gadgets with XOOL 80 in 1 (the cheapest iPhone repair toolkit), then order online now and get the instant delivery at your doorstep. If you’re going to replace an iPhone screen or take apart and put together some tiny electronic device, you must buy this kit.

The unbelievable has occurred: you’ve dropped your iPhone, and it fell, face down. You get it, flip it over, and the screen is broken. Or on the other hand, possibly it’s only a little split. In any case, your screen needs assistance.

A split-screen may be one of the most noticeably terrible destinies to happen to your iPhone; however, it’s a long way from the one and only one. One of the other feared botches is dropping your telephone in water or getting it wet some other way.

It’s a lifesaver toolkit; we assure you that the selection of tools takes care of 90% of all your needs working on everything from my computers, phones, drones, eyeglasses, small appliances,


If you have any queries related to XOOL 80 in 1 Toolkit, just let us know in the comments section and we’ll be more than happy to help you in this.

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