The Cheapest Two Day Shipping

cheapest two day shipping

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Everyone wants the cheapest two day shipping, right?

How many times has it happened that you had a special event like a relatives wedding or a family event coming up but you were so engaged at the office or with another personal commitment that you had no time to go shopping. Imagine a loved one’s birthday or your engagement around the corner. Is ordering online worth the risk? Will it be delivered on time? What about the shipping and handling fees. Are you willing to bear the hidden fees if any? Another issue is that how can you be so sure that the merchandise you see is what you get. What if it’s not as exactly as advertised? Are you up to take that risk? Well, are you?

In the drop-shipping business, delivery really means a lot. The accommodation of shopping for anything you choose online and having your order distributed right to your door betokens it’s very likely you haven’t stepped foot in a retail store in a long time.

Quick delivery is the not really mystery to Amazon’s prosperity, and for Prime individuals, they love the site significantly more in light of the fact that the quick dispatching is additionally free. Amazon has come up with a solution to the fastest but cheapest two day shipping.

Within the last few years, online shopping has been gaining popularity and rightfully so. Let’s go through the list as to why this phenomenon is gaining importance.

Lack of Leisure Time:

With the corporate culture on the rise, people have complained of a reduction in leisure time. People have groaned over the fact that Shopping Malls open after they come to work and close before they have left work. Where is the time to shop?

Cheaper Rates:

When someone sets up a shop there are costs to bear such as rental fees, heating, and lighting as well as electricity costs. Thus, a business has to sell merchandise at a higher markup to break even. However, online retailers don’t have the same costs allowing them to comprise a lower mark up.


Imagine buying lingerie in Mall and bumping into an acquaintance. Isn’t it embarrassing? Imagine being a man and buying the same thing and meeting someone at the mall. Might as well just die. Some people tend to purchase medication online as they don’t want the whole world to know about their ailment or awkward medication.

Saves Time:

Imagine trying to purchase clothing at a mall. One goes through so many shops that compare quality and prices and then finally reach a verdict. Now with the help of technology one can do the same with the snap of a finger. What about groceries, going to the store, waiting in the line at the teller and finally coming home to carry heavy grocery bags from the car to home. Why bother just order online and save time.

Mode of Payment:

How many times do you have to stand in line and are told that our card systems are down? Rush to the nearest ATM to stand in line for another 30 minutes to make your purchase. Well with Cash on Delivery offered by online retailers, one has ample time to withdraw cash before the delivery of goods.

Value-Added Services:

Consumer Dissonance tends to be high especially in Socio-Economic Class B and C. With so many e-commerce websites sprouting daily, customers are offered free returns. The e- commerce giant has a special arrangement with a particular courier service whereby the customer can stop by the outlet of the courier service and return the merchandise at no extra charges. Gone are the days when one has to stand in the line of the retailer to return items.

With so many pros of online shopping, why even bother going to the nearest mall to buy goods why not just purchase everything online. Not so fast, online shopping does have its cons as well which are as follows:


Many retailers may charge your card and may never show up with the product or merchandise. Thus, having you chase the credit card company to refund your payment.

Delay in Delivery:

Many online retailers exceed the quoting time of delivery. For Example, if they specify the cheapest 2 days delivery, the 2 days may even become 2 weeks.

Hidden Shipping Cost:

Online merchandise may seem cheaper. However, you may be hit with huge shipping and delivery charges and not to mention the hidden charges.

No Feel or Touch:

Online Shopping doesn’t allow you to feel your products. Many people may be surprised by the products they receive especially in terms of quality for clothing and fresh produce.

You might be asking as to how one maximizes the benefits of online shopping without facing the hassles of the cons.

Amazon has come up with a solution. With an annual membership of just less than US$ 100/-, one can sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of online shopping. Remember the dilemma we mentioned in the beginning, it can all be taken care of by becoming a member of Amazon Prime.

Amazon was established by Jeff Bezos in the late ’90s with the sole purpose of providing online shopping benefits to consumers at affordable prices. This company that first started selling books now provides a range of products with a motto a-to-z which means whatever you need; Amazon will provide it at affordable prices. This company that was established in The US is now a powerful multinational and its services are available in 16 countries which include countries in North America, Europe, and South Asia and South-East Asia.

The annual membership service that we were talking about earlier is a service called Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime includes services that are exclusive to paid members are not available to others. Sounds exciting. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It gets way better and may sound too good to be true. But it is offered by Amazon and only by Amazon. No other companies are offering these services and will not be able at the membership cost of Amazon.

Now you may be asking what Amazon Prime is and what its benefits are.

Amazon Prime has the Cheapest Two Day Shipping

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription whereby users are given access to services that nonmembers may not be entitled to. Non-members have to place an order of minimum US$ 25/- to enjoy free shipping and delivery cost. This is not the case for Amazon Prime Members. There are various benefits to reap from this annual membership of Amazon Prime. Most of the cons of online shopping we discussed earlier can be prevented. One doesn’t have to worry about when shipments will come or other gifts will be delivered at the specified time or not.

Cheapest Two Day Shipping/ Delivery:

Amazon Prime Members can now enjoy free two-day shipping. That’s right. Remember the issue we discussed at the start of the article. Well. It just got solved with Amazon Prime. No guesses when the merchandise will arrive. It is guaranteed to reach your doorstep in 2 days. Gone are the days, when you need to deal with the client assistance branch of the online retailer. Your shipment is guaranteed to reach you.

Free Release-Date Delivery:

When you pre-order a book from your favorite author with Amazon Prime it is guaranteed to reach your doorsteps the minute it is released. Not later than that. Now you can brag to your friends as to how you got the latest covers without even standing in the great big queues. How you like em apples.

Exclusive discounts At Whole Foods:

With the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon in 2017, Amazon Prime Members can enjoy discounts on Whole Foods items at the same time enjoying a 5% cashback on their Amazon Prime Visa through the Amazon cheapest two-day shipping. Go on enjoy your healthy lifestyle, you deserve it Amazon Prime.


Amazon’s cheapest two-day shipping service doesn’t convey some little things, similar to razors or barrettes, separately. Rather, clients need to buy $25 worth of products before Amazon will convey the crate with those things; the point, as indicated by the organization, is to give clients access pertaining to the things that are negligibly exerted and would be cost-prohibitive while dispatching them all alone.

Since 2011, Amazon’s cheapest two-day shipping has given clients the alternative to have bundles conveyed to “storage spaces,” which are essentially marked PO boxes, rather than to their homes or workplaces. Most recently, Amazon rolled out Amazon Day, an incipient distribution option that lets customers’ choose a concrete day for all their orders to arrive.

All of this makes sense from a monetary point of view. With Amazon’s cheapest two day shipping, conveying bundles to a solitary area rather than many individual homes reduces expenses, and requiring customers to meet a distribution minimum for minute orders avails Amazon consolidate distributions, as does the Amazon Day program. But the replication to these incipient initiatives has been commixed at best.

Amazon Fresh:

Previously, Amazon was charging a US$ 14.99/- annual fee for those buying groceries via Amazon Fresh. However, now with Amazon two day shipping, this has been done away with. Now within the subscription of Amazon Prime, one call avail the discounts of Amazon Fresh. If you remember the grocery discussion we had earlier on, Amazon Prime just saved the hassle of the grocery run.

Imagine all the above benefits at a very minimum annual cost. Why not try it to believe it. Enjoy a 30 day free trial for your Amazon Prime membership today. Click on the link for more details.

Amazon is the cheapest two day shipping you can find!

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