DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest control

Don’t waste money on hiring a pest control company, do it yourself! DIY pest control can save you buckets of money and is something every frugal elf should know how to do.

A quick overview of our favorite affordable DIY pest control tips

  • Don’t hire a company to catch your rats, do it yourself! Peanut butter is their favorite bait. Here are the absolute best affordable rat traps.
  • You have to keep rodents from entering your house or they’ll never stop, they breed like crazy! You need to go around the outside of your house and plug up any hole they could possibly be using. The best way to plug a hole is with copper occlusion mesh.
  • Hands off termite killing! Here’s a product that’ll save you loads from having to hire pros.
  • A great all-natural bug spray that can also be used as a house cleaner! Safe for kids and pets 🙂 

Disinsection in the broadest sense of the word means a set of measures to destroy insects in a certain area, whether it is an apartment or an open field. Pest control usually involves treating the room with special insecticidal drugs that are toxic to the insects themselves, but not dangerous to humans. This also includes the use of special methods of thermal destruction of bedbugs.

It is always a better idea to go for DIY pest control than to go for an external examining pest control company because it can help save a lot of money, however, in some situations for example increased amount of bed bugs or termites in your home that can cause damage to the health of you and your family it is important to call an external company to help you get rid of these insects professionally.

DIY pest control is the best if, for example, you see a housefly, an ant, a yellow jacket, or a single bug in your house. This is because if the amount of these insects is less you can easily manage to get rid of them from your house yourself.

How Is DIY Pest Control Better Than Hiring A Professional Pest Control Company?

One of the best things about DIY Pest Control is that the expense is less than a professional pest control company. You just need to go to the store and buy some chemicals which would not cost you a lot. However, going for a professional company is expensive because they use expensive chemicals and products and do it with the expertise to give you guaranteed relief and escape from these pests.  DIY pest control comes with more convenience than hiring the pest control company.

You can spray the chemicals whenever you feel the need to do so, however, getting a professional company to do it for you can be time-consuming and may require you to spend a lot of time in negotiating a time that could be convenient for both the parties.

An important thing to note here is that when you go for DIY pest control you are just merely following the instructions behind the products but when you have a professional company come to your place they already have enough knowledge that they do not need to follow any instructions on the sprays and the products and are likely to get the job done efficiently and more precisely.

Moreover, DIY pest control has a higher risk and threat to the environment and the people living in your house than if you go for a professional pest control company. Therefore, all these factors need to be kept in kind while deciding which option to go for but the DIY pest control is the easiest and recommended if the matter is not serious enough to call for professional help.

DIY Pest Control In The Apartments

Pest control of an apartment from bedbugs has its characteristics compared to the same process, for example, against cockroaches or ants. First of all, as the bed bugs eat only human blood offering them poisoned baits that work well against the same cockroaches is useless — bedbugs are unable to eat anything but blood. Destroying bedbugs with your own hands is professional. The destruction of bedbugs with their own hands is high-quality.

Bedbugs can get into the house in different ways. And the cleanliness of the owners has nothing to do with it. But do not despair. It is quite possible to get rid of bedbugs yourself, even if you have not encountered such a situation before. There are two ways out: either by directly exterminating them or by simply scaring them away. If the apartment is slightly infected with bed bugs, you can use these methods of destruction:

  • The most accessible of them without the use of any drugs-mechanical destruction. You can collect bugs manually or vacuum furniture and carpets. But there is no guarantee that you will catch all the parasites, and it will take a lot of time and effort;
  • Exposure to parasites by low and high temperatures;
  • The destruction of the insecticides that give good results. They can be found in the retail network.

Modern tools designed to kill bedbugs and allowed to be used at home are safe for people and harmful to insects. But, despite their safety, you cannot do without individual means of protection. Insecticides for home use are sold in the form of sprays or liquids.  That is why aerosol products and sprays are usually used to kill bedbugs, which, being thinly sprayed in the air can penetrate even into hard-to-reach places.

Bedbugs after such disinsection die in the same place where they were hiding. When using highly effective drugs that can maintain a long-term residual effect on the treated surfaces, new larvae will also die if they are removed from the eggs of bedbugs that are usually resistant to the action of insecticides. Aerosols and Sprays can be used to get rid of these insects at home.

Modern methods of DIY Pest Control

You can exterminate bedbugs in several ways using different tools and methods. These include:

  • Destruction of bedbugs with insecticidal drugs.
  • Freezing insects.
  • Heat treatment of the room.

Of these methods, pest control using insecticides is usually the most time-consuming but also gives the most reliable result. This method is most common in urban insect control services. City pest control services almost always prefer the use of insecticides to kill bedbugs. Freezing of bedbugs is usually performed independently, without the involvement of specialists in the regions where it can be applied (for effective freezing temperatures below minus 20°C are required).

Heat treatment of the room is also a very effective option but requires quite expensive equipment. Disinfection of an apartment can also be carried out by freezing it or treating it with heat.

 DIY Pest Control For Termites, Bugs, Mice, And Rats

We discussed above how one could get rid of bed bugs in the apartment however, there are various other pests and insects that we can find in our apartments and are necessary to get rid of for example termites, bugs, mice, and rats. It is important to note that if you keep your house clean at all times it is less likely to attract these insects. Therefore, extra attention should be paid to the cleanliness of your house.

One great product that you can use to clean your apartment is The Green Gobbler Orange Oil: These cleaners smell great and can be used to clean pretty much everything including metals, glass, marbles, tiles, carpets, woods, curtains, and bricks, etc.

The orange cleaner only uses orange oil and surfactant and is a natural solvent that can be used in multiple ways and can be used to get rid of any type of dirt and grease on the above-mentioned items. This is an extremely versatile cleaner and even comes up with a money-back guarantee.

If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your apartment pests such as termites may likely be living in them. These pests are very harmful not only for the wooden furniture but also for human health. However, one of the biggest problems is that you may not always be able to detect them by your naked eye. One amazing product in the market is Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection and Killing Stakes.

In one pack you can get two products! One is a detector that is used to indicate the presence of termites and their activity and the other is a killing stake that is used to kill these pests. The stakes are easy to be installed and can be installed in not more than two minutes.

While placing the stakes it is important to place them almost ten feet apart. The indicator is then used to detect the activity of these termites. The entire set comes with an instruction manual, a tool for digging, and fifteen stakes.

Many times we witness mice and rats in our apartments especially if we live on the ground floor with an open space. How to get rid of them? One of the best DIY Pest control methods for getting rid of mice and rats in your apartment is by placing copper mesh outside your apartment.

The Queen Bird Copper Mesh available in the market is the best option to go for if you want to get rid of this problem. The mesh can easily be placed and installed. It is very effective in trapping mice, rats, and other animals. It is made up of pure copper and makes it almost impossible for trapped animals or insects to move or get away from there.

Another wonderful product in the market to help you get rid off rats is the Pest Control Rat Traps. You can simply use peanut butter in these rat traps to attract the rats to the trap. The smell and aroma would bring them towards the trap and can help you to easily capture them. These traps are extremely safe. You just put them and forget about them. The rest of the job would be done on its own.

And if you dug this, then don’t miss our other household saving tips.


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