4 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don’t Waste Your Money on Bottled Water

Bottled water wastes money

Filter your water my fellow elves! You have water coming out from every tap in your house, but many people still decide to pay a lot to buy and drink bottled water. As much as bottled water is a safe and enjoyable way to avoid taking in bacteria from drinking water, it is also a means of spending money that would have been useful for something else. In this article, let’s look at ways to filter your water that are as safe as bottled water and more cost-effective.

Bottled water damages the environment and hurts your wallet. It’s almost 2,000 times the price of tap water!

Save money on bottled water

According to the Water Right Group, Americans spend $100 per person on bottled water per year. That’s 11.8 billion dollars per year in total! That’s almost 2,000 times more expensive than tap water! And the sad thing is, many bottled water compies are just selling you filtered tap water. So cut out the middleman and filter it yourself! It saves plastic and pennies. Oh, and it also saves the environment because we throw about 60 million plastic bottles per day, wow.

Another hidden cost saver with filtering your water is the long term health cost. Tap water is gross and terribly unhealthy. Living longer and healthier from avoiding tap water is going to cut down on your doctor visits. Medical costs are painfully expensive so taking care of your body and the water you put into it is an important part of the frugal lifestyle.

Below are our 4 favorite ways to filter water. They’re not only affordable, but a healthier way to get all the h20 you need since tap water is full of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, yuck! Elves only want to drink the purest of water, it’s our birthright in fact 🙂

1 – Whole House Filter 

4 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 14 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 2

This is the filter I have on my elf cottage. You, or a plumber, install it onto your main water line before tap water enters your home. It will filter your water coming into your house with multiples stages of filtration. The great thing about a whole house filter is not only does it filter the water your drink but also the water your bath and shower in. That can prevent harmful cancer-causing chemicals found in tap water like chlorine and chloramines from contacting you and your family’s skin.

It also softens the water and prevents mineral build-up in your pipes. That saves money by extending the life of your house’s (or elf cottage) plumbing system. Filter out all the dirt and germs before they reach your home. When drinking or using the water filtered by this filtering container, rest assured you’re drinking water that is clean and safe for consumption. Our favorite and most affordable whole house filter is the iSpring 2-stage heavy-duty whole house filtration system. The iSpring uses a 2-stage effective filtration system that removes every kind of dirt and germs while keeping the water colorless and odorless for consumption.

iSpring is a great company with excellent customer service. They back their product with a 30-day guarantee so you know they stand by what they sell.4 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 3

2 – On-sink Reverse Osmosis Filter

4 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 44 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 5

If you prefer to just screw something onto your sink, then this is a very easy way to filter water: the Brita Faucet water filter system. This filtration system helps in removing any contaminants that might be found in the water that comes from the tap, making it safe to drink and use while cooking. Making use of water filters in the house helps keep you and the family healthy; this, in turn, enables you to save money you would have used in treating yourself. One Brita Faucet water filter can provide an estimate of 100 gallons of filtered tap water, which is the same as 750 bottled water if it is the standard 16 oz.

This baby filters LEAD! How cool is that? You definitely don’t want your family drinking something as crazy harmful as lead. Another cool feature is that it automatically reminds you when you need to change filters. Yes buying filters for this is an added cost but it’s still cheaper than buying water bottles.

3 – Counter-top Filter

The counter-top filter is another good alternative to drinking bottled water. Once you get one of the counter-top filters, you do not need to be scared of taking in lousy water because it was developed to remove the most stubborn of contaminants in your water. This is the bazooka of the water filtration word. The Big Berkey counter-top water filter system is legendary in the filtration world.

The Big Berkey counter-top filter can conveniently filter and purify up to 3000 gallons of water; it doesn’t cost much and can be easily mounted wherever you’d like it stationed. The advantage of this kind of filter is that it can be placed anywhere in the house, and they remove 99.9% of pathogens that might be present in the water.

This bad boy is made out of stainless steel (a much healthier way to store water than in plastic water bottles) and it even filters fluoride! Filter your water the right way 🙂

4 – Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Filter

4 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 64 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 7

This is my favorite tasting water of all and the one that gives you the absolute purest water. An example of the under-sink reverse osmosis filter is the iSpring RCC7AK, which is a 6-stage water filter that leaves you with superb taste, soft, and clean water. This filter is mounted under the sink to filter the water before it comes out of the water.

The downside is that you need room under your sink to install it. Not a ton of room but you will have budge over some of those cleaning supplies you keep down there.

The iSpring RCC7AK is a 6-stage filter that ensures that all pathogens and contaminants are removed while putting into consideration the RO of water. All you get after the filtration process has taken place is clean and purified water with an excellent taste as an added feature, which is what you enjoy when drinking bottled water.

This baby removes 99% of 1,000 different contaminants including lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, calcium, sodium and much more. This is the absolute cleanest way to filter your water.

Filter Your Water, Then Carry It With a Reusable Water Bottle

4 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 84 Great Ways to Filter Your Water, Don't Waste Your Money on Bottled Water 9

When you’re on the go you need to get in the habit of bringing your own water bottle. It saves plastic and money cause you won’t be tempted to buy a plastic water bottle when you’re on the go. So before you leave the house always fill up your reusable water bottle with some of that delicious filtered water you’re using at home.

And here’s our favorite bottle to take on the go. It’s affordable, made out of healthy materials and simply looks beautiful. The Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle is a different kind of water bottle. It’s a vacuum insulated flask that keeps your water hot or cold throughout the day and keeps germs out. There are other kinds of water bottles that filter water on their own, but this kind is one that helps you carry your already filtered water out in style.

Geez, those colors are so pretty, I want a different colored one for me and all my 23 elf children!

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