3 Ways Going Frugal Saves the Planet

3 Ways Going Frugal Saves the Planet 1

The word “Frugal” has its origin in the Latin word “Frugi” which is interpreted to mean economical or thrifty. A frugal elf is one who uses his money, other resources and even time carefully and judiciously.

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For everything in life there are always pluses and minuses but in my opinion, I’d say being frugal is a rare exception to that rule. And it’s a reason elves are so happy because we’re naturally thrifty creatures. Today I’d like to share just 3 of many ways going frugal can help the environment.

It reduces ocean waste

Eating takeout and buying fast ford comes with unnecessary packaging and containers that just end up in the trash dump, or worse, the ocean.  That is a serious issue because according to the Earth Day Network, takeout orders account for around 269,000 US tons of plastic waste that have entered the oceans all over the world!

I understand that many of us don’t think or care about these things because they don’t affect our daily lives. But think of the elf children will ya!

It creates less road congestion and pollution

A lot of commuter trains run on electricity, which is far more efficient than gas. Even the ones that don’t run on electricity are typically diesel-powered which is still more efficient than gas. But electricity isn’t as clean as we can get because it still requires power plants to burn coal and release other pollutants into the atmosphere.

Still, those electric trains are the most efficient means of transportation. Especially compared to gasoline-powered cars that are very inefficient. And it’s much easier to regulate a few power plants than it is to regulate millions of vehicles. So if we only have to regulate the pollution from the power plants, it’ll be much easier to control what enters the atmosphere while at the same time reducing the number of vehicles on the road will always create less pollution.

Going frugal helps build environment-friendly communities

Frugality engenders the community. I’ve come across more people through sharing, donating, giving, and lending my time than any other way. By assisting our community and accepting their assistance in return, we build real long-lasting relationships that aren’t merely focused on entertainment or diversions and help the community to grow.

Buy Used

I want to leave you with a huge frugal tip that will save you tons of money and help the environment: buying used goods!

It’s less waste in our landfill, less packaging waste and less production pollution. It’s an all-around win for the planet.

3 Ways Going Frugal Saves the Planet 2

Not to mention how much it’ll help you save for your cookie fund! I always buy used clothes and cars. Those two used categories alone save me thousands. But you can extend it to everything. Used toys for your kids from a thrift store. Find creative used gifts from a 2nd hand shop for your holiday gifts.

Frugality is a state of mind. It’s a step away from the consumerism that tells us we need new shiny things all the time. New “things” will never fulfill. They may be fun for a while but they won’t truly satisfy or deliver happiness. Buying used stuff is taking a stand against the false belief that things can bring happiness.

Do you know where the happiest place on Earth for an elf is? Well, besides their tree, it’s thrift stores! Make a resolution to shop more at thrift stores and I promise you’ll see a huge difference in your monthly savings.

There’s are so many benefits to being frugal! And for you worriers, frugality won’t harm you in any way, trust me, it’ll only make you and the planet stronger.

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