How to Cure Your Anxiety, For Free

How to Cure Your Anxiety, For Free 1

Want to know how to cure your anxiety without paying a single penny?

I know it sounds crazy but you know what’s really crazy? Spending thousands of dollars on therapy, prescription pills with terrible side effects, alternative therapies and supplements and after all that, getting no results. I’m not saying those things don’t have their place, they do and are helpful for many people. But there’s a lot of people out there, my elf self included, who tried everything, spent loads of money…and for nothing.

My Story

Growing up as a little elf was pure bliss. I was very lucky to have a wonderful childhood growing up amongst the trees with my 96 elf siblings. But as I grew into adulthood, I developed unexplained general anxiety. It plagued me every day without rest. It wasn’t very strong, but it was very annoying. And it was persistent.

It was so uncomfortable that I just thought: If can rid myself of this anxious feeling then life would be perfect. But the ironic truth of anxiety is that the harder you fight it, the longer it persists. More on that later.

First I examined my life. Over and over and over. I couldn’t point to anything that was directly causing it. This made it even more frustrating not knowing the cause. Cause if I knew the cause then I could just “fix” it, right? Well turns out the universe didn’t want to show me a cause. So what did I do? I tried everything. Expensive supplements. Weird at-home therapies I learned about on youtube. Yoga. Shamanic breathwork. Psychedelics. Meditation. Exercise. Veganism. Carnivoreism. Keto diet. Intermittent fasting. Cutting out caffeine and chocolate and sugar. And on and on.

Sometimes those things would be temporary relief but none of it gave me the true “cure” I was looking for.

Cure Your Anxiety

Ok so this sounds radical and most of you won’t believe me but here it is: the cure for your anxiety is to stop trying to cure it. You have to truly, honestly stop trying to cure it. That will sound crazy to your mind but to some of you, it’ll spark a little recognition of truth. And this approach doesn’t just end with anxiety, you can use it for any unpleasant emotion or feeling.

Cause what is a feeling anyways? It’s just energy. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s just energy. Our minds come in immediately and label this energy as “unwanted” or “bad”. But next time you’re feeling something that you mind deems unwanted. Sit still for a moment with that energy. It’s just energy. It can’t hurt you. The energy itself is not inherently “bad” or “good”. It just is.

Once you see that this energy that you call “anxiety” is just harmless energy without an inherent value judgment, then you can begin to not fight it. It cannot hurt you! So why not invite it to hang around? Say to the anxious feeling in your chest: I invite you to stay as long as you want! You are a guest and are very welcome in my house of being. This is how to cure your anxiety. Isn’t it funny?

If you can get to the point of truly saying to yourself: “I’m ok if this anxious feeling NEVER leaves” then ironically, that will lead to the peace you so desire. It’s ironic. It’s counter-intuitive. But it works.

One funny thing about this is that the mind will try and use this non-resistance technique as a way to get rid of anxiety. That’s just more mind trickery. You have to genuinely not care if the feeling of anxiety arises. You have to genuinely allow it, not for the sake of curing it, but for the sake of being the open space of being.

“What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” – Carl Jung

Sit with your feelings. Sit with the energies that come and go. Treat them like visitors. Be a good host. Ignore the mind’s labels and just let energies be. I promise you’ll be surprised by what happens.

If this approach intrigues you and you want to dive deeper, I recommend the spiritual book Living Realization by Scott Kiloby. It helped me loads and if you’re ready for it, it can help you too.

I also recommend this short talk by an anxiety-curing master by the name of Joey Lott:

And if you connected with Joey’s message, I think you’d love his latest book: The Little Book of Big Healing.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me any questions about my experience. Or comment below if you have anything else to add about how to cure your anxiety.


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