How To Make Your Own Yogurt

Make your own yogurt

Make your own yogurt with our favorite yogurt maker.

We all love to eat yogurt, don’t we? That is exactly why yogurt has become a mandatory item in our regular grocery lists. However, commercial yogurts comprise various not-so-good ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, dyes, food preservatives, corn syrup etc. Eating yogurts that comprise of the aforementioned ingredients can be bad for your health. So, what would be the solution?

How about making your own healthy and fresh yogurt at home?  It’s fun, exciting and healthy. Well, if you read this article, you will learn how to make your own yogurt without much trouble.

Why should you learn how to make your own yogurt?

The best reason to learn how to make your own yogurt at home is that homemade yogurts are healthier and fresher than the commercial ones. As mentioned before, commercial yogurts are made using various types of artificial ingredients so it may not be the healthiest. In contrary to that, homemade yogurts are fresh and contain only natural ingredients that are good for your health. So, you should eat homemade yogurt if you want to experience true health benefits.

In reality, you cannot expect commercial yogurts to have fresh and active bacteria that can eliminate harmful microorganisms in your digestive system. Any commercial yogurt will sit on the store shelf for several days until it reaches your kitchen. As a result, they can lose the active bacteria.

That is why commercial yogurts are heavy and cold when you buy them. Because of the heaviness, those yogurts can be harder to digest especially for little ones. Also, they can even make you gain more weight.

The other strong reason to learn how to do this at home is the cost factor. In fact, you can save money by making your own yogurt at home. The amount of money you can save on yogurt can vary depending on the number of yogurts you consume every day. However, in a normal household, you can save money by making your own yogurt.

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Okay! How to save money by making your own yogurt?

Well, now you know the benefits of making your own yogurt at home, let’s see how to do it in real life. In this case, we will explain the process of making yogurts with blueberries and strawberries at home. The end result of this process will be really thick, creamy and very healthy yogurt. So, keep reading the steps carefully and learn how to do it.

What you need

  • 2 X heavy pots (both must have lids). One pot should be smaller than the other so we can place the smaller one inside the other.
  • ½ gallon of whole milk. In general, any type of milk can be used. However, it is much better if you can use whole milk. As a result of using whole milk, you will be able to get extra thickness from the yogurt. In fact, kids will really love the extra creamy and thick nature of the yogurt if you use whole milk.
  • Some sugar and maple syrup. In addition to that, you should get some blueberries or strawberries as a flavor depending on your preference. Well, if you love chocolate instead of blueberries or strawberries, just use cocoa. Cocoa flavored yogurt tastes very delicious.
  • ½ of plain yogurt. In this case, you will have to buy a cup of commercial yogurt to be used as the culture. However, you must buy new yogurt that comprises of live and active cultures. Otherwise, you cannot use it to make yogurt.
  • A thermometer. In fact, with the use of a thermometer, you will be able to measure the exact temperature of the boiling milk.
  • A spatula. It is required to stir the mixture well.

As you can notice, finding the above items is not that difficult. All those items are available in your local store if they are not already available in your kitchen. The best thing about making your own yogurt is that you can modify the ingredients to match your taste.

Making the yogurt

Now that you have all the ingredients ready, be exited. We are going to learn how to make your own yogurt – for real!

  1. Boil the whole milk

Place the smaller pot inside the other. Then, pour the ½ gallon of milk in the smaller (inner) pot. We use two pots in order to prevent too fast heating. Make sure that you add two tablespoons of sugar as well. If you are concerned about health, you can replace sugar with honey.

If you are making chocolate flavored yogurt, make sure that you add cocoa powder to the mixture. Heat the milk up to 2000F (93.30C). Even if you don’t have a thermometer, don’t worry. Just stop heating the milk when it looks frothy (this is just before the milk starts to boil).

  1. Allow it to cool

Now, take the inner (smaller) pot out. Place it inside a large bowl or a basin of cold water. Let it cool down to baby warm level. Don’t forget to stir the mixture regularly. It is much better if you can keep the temperature of the mixture for about 1100F (43.30C). Now, take the pot out of the basin.

  1. Prepare the culture

Now, you should warm the culture (add some of the hot milk into the culture) before adding it to the milk mixture you have prepared. Be sure to whisk the culture and milk mixture properly so it will become smooth. Close the lid of the pot tightly.

  1. Incubate the mixture

If you have a yogurt maker, you don’t have to do much. However, if you don’t have one, don’t worry. Preheat your oven and turn it off. You can keep the mixture inside the oven and heat it for about 05 minutes after every 02 hours. If you don’t have a yogurt maker or an oven, place the pot in a sizeable bowl of hot water.

However, you will have to replace the water every 02 hours. The key is to maintain the correct temperature; between 900F (32.20C) – 1200F (48.90C). Keep your mixture in the incubator for 04 hours at the least. However, if you can incubate it for longer, it would deliver better results. Then, place the yogurt on a solid surface for about 04 more hours without disturbing it.

  1. Cool it

You can get the mixture (now it is yogurt) out of the incubator and allow it to cool. You should whisk the yogurt thoroughly once again and pour the mixture into a plastic bowl. Be sure to cover it properly and refrigerate it immediately. You shouldn’t use the yogurt for at least six hours from this point.

Be sure to keep the yogurt covered properly all the time. It is best if you can finish the yogurt within 14 days (sure you will). However, if the yogurt starts to smell weird before that, you should throw it away.

  1. Adding flavors

Now you know how to make your own yogurt, it’s time to add flavors. You have added some sugar to the yogurt and therefore, it is already sweet. But if you want to know how to make it yummier, just add some vanilla or more honey. If not, you can add strawberry essence and even fresh fruit pieces like blueberries and strawberries. You can even think of sprinkling some scraped coconut on the surface to add a unique taste and appearance.

So, that’s how to save money by making your own yogurt. As you are aware by now, you don’t use any artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals for homemade yogurt. Sometimes, you may not find the perfect thickness and smoothness because you don’t use any artificial ingredients.

However, you can achieve the characteristics of a good yogurt simply by incubating for longer maintaining the accurate temperature. You can achieve the best results if you can invest in a yogurt maker.

In fact, purchasing a yogurt making machine will help you to save money by making your own yogurt at home. In the long run, what you spend on a yogurt maker is an investment. With that said, what would be the best yogurt maker you can purchase?

What is the best yogurt maker in the market?

How To Make Your Own Yogurt 2How To Make Your Own Yogurt 3

Well, there is no shortage of options to consider when you shop around for a good yogurt maker and save money by making your own yogurt. For those who are curious about how to make your own yogurt, Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker is a very handy option. It comes with plenty of features and impressive feedback from existing users.

This product comes with a three-year warranty as well as an assurance of its quality. It is made to be compact in size and the timer makes the entire process easier. With this product, making your own yogurt is a walk in the park even for a beginner.

Well, now you know how to make your own yogurt, you can surprise your family members with a delicious yogurt. Stay healthy and on top of that, save money by making your own yogurt. Good luck!

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