How To Save Money on Groceries, Make Your Own Bread

How To Save Money on Groceries

Want to know how to save money on groceries? It’s simple, you need to stop buying bread at the store and buy a bread-making machine.

Ask yourself: is it cheaper to make your own bread? Well yes, it sure is. A homemade single slice of bread costs 14 cents, whereas store-bought bread costs 27 cents per slice. Plus, store-bought bread has less nutritional value and it doesn’t taste nearly as great as the homemade bread.

Bread making is a skill that can save money in the long run.

However, doing it the traditional way isn’t that easy. A lot of kneading, stirring, and shaping is involved. You have to follow a specific recipe that can give you the taste you desire and rise the bread into a beautiful mound of glory in the oven.

Today, we have hundreds of bread making recipes that can scare you away from making bread. Some recipes require expensive ingredients, while other recipes are common and don’t require a lot of ingredients.

For example, gluten-free baking is expensive.

It’s hard to save money if you are planning to make gluten-free bread. Maybe it’s healthier, maybe it’s not, but gluten-free ingredients are often made from rice, pulses, potatoes, etc. The manufacturers use artificial leavening agents to avoid gluten and also keep the flavor of the bread. Because of those expensive ingredients, you don’t really save money with gluten-free bread making.

But a regular, good-quality bread making recipe can save hundreds of dollars. Since you use basic ingredients like wheat flour, water, and yeast.

Some interesting statistics reveal that an average person can save between $80 to $300 if he eats around 80 loaves of bread a year.

If you have a family of four or five, this is how to save money on groceries. And your homemade bread will taste a million times better than store-bought bread. This is one of the favorite elf ways for how to save money on groceries

Want To Know How To Save Money On Groceries? Buy A Bread Maker.

A bread machine like Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA bakes bread from scratch.

It mixes and kneads the dough and promotes even baking and browning.

With this machine, you give minimal attention to the process, and we love this the most. It takes care of everything necessary to prepare the bread… Furthermore, it has useful timers. You can use its timers to do cool things, such as form the bread in any shape you want.

There are some other exceptional benefits of a bread maker as well.

  • It is a handy extra oven when you need it.
  • You can use any ingredients you want.
  • Everything is done in one closed container.
  • You enjoy a wide variety of bread specialties.
  • The cleanup process is almost non-existent.

All in all, if you want homemade bread you can rely on to be ready at mealtime, get a bread maker. You just put the ingredients in it and it takes care of the rest.

A bread maker also saves more money than the traditional bread-making method. For instance, it saves electricity. Even if you are making your own bread at home for saving money, it is pertinent to use the oven, which can challenge your pockets in the long run. But, a bread maker is designed for small, specific jobs, and it conserves energy too.

So, if you truly want to save money, it is good to spend a litter more money and buy a bread maker like Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA.

It saves money, and it is famous for making the most delicious, perfect bread.

Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Bread Maker

How To Save Money on Groceries, Make Your Own Bread 1How To Save Money on Groceries, Make Your Own Bread 2

This incredible $271.99 machine makes the bread from last to finish.

If you want scrumptious loaves with a nice crust, Zojirushi Bread Maker is for you. It is packed full of great features that allow you to bake a variety of pieces of bread. But the real question is, it is a Virtuoso Plus or just another addition by the Zojirushi manufacturers to sell their product.

To find this out, we have to compare this model with its previous version – Home Baker Virtuoso. Both models look the same and it is tough to find any difference in appearance and features. Though when we asses it in a tad more detail, three key differences make Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA a Virtuoso Plus.

The first difference is the LCD. It is larger compared to the previous model, and it is easy to read too. It has convenient key codes on the lid that simplifies the course selection.

The second difference we have found in the Virtuoso Plus is, it has more options.

You have more course settings for superior results.

Lastly, people who have used a previous model before, they will notice a small change in the control panel. The text is now white on the black background. It appears that the company attempted their best to make it look a bit more innovative, and they’re successful in it.

In case you are thinking about why this bread maker is so popular and getting all the praises on social media, it is because the Zojirushi Company released this model on their 100th anniversary. They aimed to dominate the market, therefore, they packed this machine with those advanced features that are hard to find in other bread makers.

Don’t believe that?

Allow us to reveal some gritty details of Zojirushi Bread Maker.

Extraordinary Specifications

This is an impressive bread machine and does everything well because of its extraordinary specifications… It is a 120-volt, AC, 60Hz appliance with a cord length of 39 inches. This length is more than enough to place it anywhere you want in the kitchen. It is also surprisingly lightweight; the total weight of Zojirushi Break Maker is only 24 pounds.

Bread maker with these kinds of specifications are usually heavier, however, due to its size and weight, we believe it can be used as a portable bread making machine too… Apart from this, the internal motor of this machine consumes about 100 watts. The manufacturers have added a small lid heater (40 watts) also to make it give evenly browned crust, which was not possible in the previous model.

Simple Set-Up Process

The set-up process is incredibly simple; even if you are the first-time user of a bread maker, you can handle it on your own rather comfortably. For example, the first thing we noticed in the Zojirushi Bread Machine is it is much easier to select the pre-programmed courses. You don’t have to check the instruction manual over and over as all the courses are printed on the lid; you need to select options you want according to special dietary needs.

Its pre-programmed courses include White, Whole Wheat, European, Dough, Cake, Rapid White, Gluten Free, Salt-Free, etc. We believe the only time you spend on is carefully measuring the ingredients. Once you set the course, this bread maker does everything on its own and tells you when your bread is ready.

Check out this test to see just how easy it is to use:

Customization Options

We love the customization option the most in this product. This flexibility is hard to find in any other bread maker in the market… Want to add some more ingredients during the mixing process? No problem, just open the lid of this machine while it is mixing and add the ingredients you want before it goes to final rising. There is no need to adjust the temperature or stopping the machine before doing that, which is often required in other bread makers. Besides, in case you don’t love its pre-programmed courses and want to create your course, it is possible. You can read the instructions, and find video online tutorials also that show you how to set your course.


  • It gives you the option to make a variety of foods; not just bread.
  • Its pre-programmed courses produce the best results for each type of bread.
  • A recipe book is included in the box.
  • It has double (nonstick coated) kneading blades for great results.


  • The crystal display of this machine doesn’t have a backlight.


If you want to know how to save money on groceries then do it by making your own bread, get Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA. It is a great appliance and deserves A++ ratings.

We bought this masterpiece for saving money and time, however, its million-dollar features transcended our expectations. You have many courses to choose from, and once the bread goes in the baking stage, its scent set off a frenzy in your house and makes everyone hungry.

There are lots of other small details that we loved in this model.

  • Due to its nonstick coating, no trouble getting the bread to come out of the pan.
  • The stainless steel design makes it durable and a lifelong friend.
  • It comes with measuring spoon, measuring cup, and removable nonstick pan.
  • Its compact dimensions don’t take up much counter space.
  • The heavy-duty handles help you to remove the pan from the machine easily.

All in all, the best bread machine in the USA just got better with the upgrade. It gives consistent results every time and produces most bread types you can think of. Know you know one of the best elvish tricks for how to save money on groceries.


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