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We don’t like making you wait, so if you want to know our pick for the winner of this battle, it’s the Fire HD 10.

When you are looking to buy a tablet, there is no shortage of options to choose from. However, if you shortlist the options properly, you will end up with a couple of products. If you are concerned about the quality, performance and price factor, you have a greater chance of ending up in a situation to choose between iPad or Fire HD 10. If that is the case with you, this iPad vs Fire HD 10 review will be exceptionally handy.

Amazon Fire HD 10 is ideal to access social media and watch movies. The best thing about it is the affordability. In other words, if you compare iPad vs Fire HD 10, the latter is insanely cheap. However, if you want a tablet with plenty of innovative features and you are ready to tolerate an expensive price tag, the iPad will be the ideal option. Well, let’s find out more about them and decide which is the best option.

Choosing an iPad

iPad is not new and everyone knows about it. You may have used an iPad at least once in your lifetime. When it comes to iPad users, they are inclined to show loyalty to the brand name and products. It is true that Apple has a nice design, superior performance and smooth operation and nice user-interface. Those who want to buy a tablet that has a longer lifespan and powerful performance can consider iPad to be their best option. It was introduced to the market back in 2010 ad not it has become a norm among those who seek a tablet under a prestigious brand.

iPads come in various designs to choose from depending on your preference. Listed below are those models for your reference.

  • iPad Mini – the smallest of the list and yet it has a powerful performance. It is compatible with the stylus as well.
  • iPad 9.7 – this is the standard type of iPad that arrived prior to 10.2 iPad.
  • iPad 10.2 – this is the replacement for iPad 9.7 and it comes with a larger screen.
  • iPad Air – this is a pretty powerful iPad that comes as a superb upgrade to iPad 9.7.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch – This is a very powerful iPad with a bigger screen and a beefier processor.
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch – this is the most expensive product in the lineup and it has a large body with a powerful performance.

One of the most common characteristics associated with iPads is their expensive price tag. In general, the best option would be iPad 10.2 for most users under most circumstances. It comes with a vivid screen and a relatively lightweight build to assure better portability. In addition to that, it has an A10 processor that can boost the overall performance.

When it comes to iPad Air, however, it comes with better performance compared to an entry-level tablet. It has an A12 processor so it is obviously powerful than 9.7” iPad. Nevertheless, it still doesn’t match the performance of Pro series iPads. In a way, we can say that iPad Air is a good option for those who want more power but cannot afford to go for an iPad Pro.

iPad Mini was not the most favorite iPad for several years. In fact, the iPad Mini’s popularity has decreased over the past period. However, thanks to the update that took place in 2019, the iPad Mini has become a competitive product once again. iPad Mini has an A12 processor and you can call it the smaller version of iPad Air. After the aforesaid upgrade, the iPad Mini is compatible with Apple Pencil as well. Compared to the iPad 9.7, it is expensive. However, in this iPad vs Fire HD 10 review, we should say that its price is justifiable when you compare its performance with the iPad 9.7 version.

Obviously, the iPad Pro models are introduced for users who expect extra-fast performance and stability. iPad Pro series is powered by A12x processors and it can handle heavy tasks very smoothly. If you are into creation, the large screen of the device will facilitate better freedom as well.

Choosing Amazon Fire HD 10iPad vs Fire HD 10 1

Now in this iPad vs Fire HD 10 comparison, we explain why choosing Amazon Fire HD is better. Basically, Fire is Amazon’s iPad. The most notable aspect associated with Amazon Fire HD is that it is insanely cheaper compared to iPad. Apart from Fire HD 10, Amazon offers several other tablet versions which are mentioned below.

  • Fire 7 – This is the most basic version of Amazon Fire tablets. It is also the most affordable tablet in their lineup. On top of all those things, it comes with a compact size. The screen of this tablet has a size of 7 inches.
  • Fire HD 8 – This can be considered to be the all-rounder of the Amazon series. It has an 8” screen as well.
  • Fire HD 10 – this is the premium version of Amazon’s tablet. It is exceptionally powerful and has a superb screen with a 10” width. Basically, this is a powerful, performance-driven and feature-rich tablet. In addition to that, it has excellent user-friendliness as well. If you do a comparison between iPad vs Fire HD 10 in terms of price, Fire HD is the clear winner.

In addition to that above list, Amazon offers a version called ‘Fire Kids’ as well. Fire Kids is a child-friendly version of all the above-mentioned models.

Amazon Fire HD 10 and other Fire tablets come with a special variation of Android OS called FireOS. This version of Android OS is controlled by Amazon itself. Compared to the original Android OS, FireOS may have some restrictions. However, it still features user-friendliness which is unique to Android OS.

FireOS doesn’t come with a Google Play Store. Instead, it comes with a different app store called the Amazon app store. Essentially, this means FireOS has a unique set of apps although the collection may be smaller compared to Android’s Google Play Store.

Another significant advantage associated with Amazon Fire HD 10 is that is it designed to match Amazon’s ecosystem perfectly. So, if you are a movie fan who has already subscribed to Prime or expecting to do so, Fire HD 10 is a perfect solution. In other words, you will never experience any compatibility issue when using Amazon Prime on a Fire HD 10.

In addition to that, Amazon Fire HD 10 is made to be compatible with Alexa as well. That means it gives you the option of using voice commands to control the tablet so you don’t have to use the screen.

The most significant aspect to notice when you compare iPad vs Fire HD 10 is the cost factor. It is no secret that iPads are superior to Amazon Fire HD 10 in the context of functionality. However, there is no shortage of individuals who cannot afford to buy an iPad but still want decent performance from a tablet. For them, the best option would be Amazon Fire HD 10. One cannot necessarily argue the amazing value for money that is offered by the Fire HD 10 tablet.

As long as you are a casual user who prefers using a decently performing tablet for entertainment purposes at a very reasonable price, Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great option.

Features of Amazon Fire HD 10

Now, in this iPad vs Fire HD 10 comparison, we list down the features of Fire HD 10 to give you a glimpse of its capacity.

  • It has a 10.1” display with a 1080p resolution. The display of this device is full HD so it gives you very good picture quality.
  • This device is available at 32 or 64 GB versions. You can expand it up to 512GB using a microSD.
  • It comes with a beefy 2.0GHz processor and a 2GB RAM for better performance.
  • Better battery life and it can be used for 12 hours performing tasks like reading, web browsing, watching movies and music.
  • Very convenient hands-free operation using Alexa.
  • It comes with rear and front-facing cameras (each with 2MP). You can use it to record 720p HD video recording.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi feature with Dual-band technology.
  • You can expect faster charging with Fire HD because of the new USB-C port.
  • Each product is offered with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Perfectly optimized for Prime and other Amazon ecosystems.
  • Ideal to watch Netflix, STARZ, MLB, etc.
  • Picture-in-Picture facility.


Now that you have a good understanding of the differences between iPad and Fire HD 10, you can choose the most appropriate product easily. Basically, we recommend Amazon Fire HD 10 for those who expect entertainment experience at a very affordable price. A casual user or a child will find Amazon Fire HD 10 to be a very decent alternative particularly if they are concerned about the cost factor. All in all, the Fire HD 10 is an affordable powerhouse.

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