Is Amazon Cheaper than Ebay?

is amazon cheaper than ebay

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How many times has it happened that you had to buy something urgently but you were so engaged in the office or with another personal commitment that you had no time to go shopping? Are you will take the chance of going through the agony of not getting the item delivered on time? Ordering online is the same as applying for a credit card and later finds out loads of hidden charges associated with it. The online item ordered may look cheap but the hidden shipping and delivery cost may make the article twice as expensive as the stated price.

In the late 90’s even mentioning the online shopping would make people laugh on your laugh or they would probably assume you to be some high-end socialite who had his or her shopping assistant just like on the famous Drew Carey Show. However, this has become a phenomenon that has been gaining momentum. These days, someone who doesn’t do online shopping is considered old fashioned. What makes this concept so popular? The main pros of online shopping are as follows:

Discreet Purchases are Easier:

Imagine trying to go to an adult store located in your locality. You may just die of the thought of bumping into somebody you might know. Ordering sex toys and other adult items are easier to do via online shopping. In many Muslim countries, buying lingerie and sex toys is done through online shopping sites.

Better Rates:

As there is no middle man involved, the manufacturers can sell the items directly to you and no extra cost. Thus, this results in low a markup which then benefits the consumers in terms of cheaper rates.

No Pressure Included:

Imagine going to a retail outlet for window shopping and then succumbing to the pressure of the pushy salesman in buying items that you may never want in the first place. As there is no salesman involved, there is no need to give in to a salesman and to purchase an item you might not need just to be nice.


Have you tried to go to the Shopping Mall in the wee hours of the night? Insane though, right? Imagine sitting on your toilet and shopping while responding to the call of nature. Some may even call you a multitasker. Why not you just went to the loo and shopped at the same time?

Variety after Variety:

How would you feel if a told you that you could shop for International Brands while not even having to pay for airfare? Sounds insane? It is true. Many websites allow you to shop for International Brands by just paying the shipping and handling cost which may be way lower than the airfare.

Avoid Stampedes:

Ever seen videos of the rush and fights on Black Friday Sales or Boxing Day. With online shopping, you can avail of these discounts without even dreading to die in a stampede.

The above-stated advantages may make one want to never leave the home and purchase everything online. But wait, online shopping is not that sweet as it sounds it does have downsides which are as follows:

Negative Impacts on the environment:

Purchased online shopping comes wrapped in excessive plastic and this may be highly harmful to the environment as the half-life or the time plastic takes to decompose is forever and with the discarded plastic wrapping may be harmful to animals.

Shipping and Delivery Issues:

Deliveries may get behind schedule or delayed due to weather or other issues such as strikes of postal workers or airline crew. All Businesses have their good days and bad days.

Addictive Impulse Buying:

Many people tend to download the app of their favorite online vendor and then end up buying more than their budget.

You might be asking as to how one maximizes the benefits of online shopping without facing the hassles of the cons. The proper solution is to contact authorized and high reputed online retailers. When we mention high reputed online stores, only two come to mind one is eBay and the other is Amazon.

Ebay is an e-commerce website that was launched in 1995 as a result of the dot com boom. It initially started as an auction-based website whereby vendors were charged a fee for uploading their merchandise. The merchandise could be either new or second hand in nature. Overtime it ended in following in the footsteps of its soon to be competitor i.e. Amazon and eventually became an online purchasing website.

Amazon was also formed around 1994 and 1995 and initially traded as Cadabra. It initially started as an online store for books but now is known to sell everything. It has been considered more buyer-centric as it focuses on mass selling and can gain benefits of bulk discounts which are then passed unto the consumer.

Amazon is known to sell unused fresh items. However, on eBay, you may find partially used items. Keeping this in mind we can say here Amazon cheaper than eBay.

As per the recent survey, it was concluded that buying Food and Beverages was cheaper by 22.51% on Amazon than on any other online shopping website.

Being a customer-driven and customer-centric company, Amazon has come up with a scheme that allows it to best serve its customers at a minimal fee. This is known as Amazon Prime whereby some services are offered to Amazon Prime members at subscription cost as low as US$ 100/- per year.

Now you may be asking, what are the benefits of Amazon Prime? They are listed as follows:

Prime Now:

Prime now is an exclusive service for Amazon Prime Members whereby Amazon offers a two hour free delivery on selected items. However, this service is available to only limited areas as of now. Prime now is such a perk that makes Amazon cheaper than eBay.

Unlimited Access to Books and Comics:

Amazon Prime Members have access to a vast array of titles and comics free of charge and makes ultimately Amazon cheaper than eBay.

Unlimited Videos and Channels:

Amazon is cheaper than eBay as its members have rights to unlimited movies and online TV Channels which include Showtime and HBO.

Unlimited Music Streaming:

Members have rights to unlimited music streaming. Imagine it being like ITunes and not having to pay for each single that you may be keen to listen to. Go ahead and impress your friends with your song collection.

Rights of Borrowing One E-Book Monthly:

Members have access to download one e-book monthly from the Kindle Owner Lending Library.

This selection includes titles such as Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc. Are you a book worm? Need more convincing to becoming an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Family:

Through Amazon Family, Amazon Members get up to 20% discount on regular items such as diapers and other baby-related items. Which ultimately makes Amazon cheaper than eBay?

Prime Day and Early Access:

Once a year, members get a day whereby they great discounts on amazing products. The rest of the year they get a head start on lightening deals 30 minutes prior to the offering being open to non-members. Sounds like beating the Boxing Day Sale and Black Friday Sale we talked about earlier. With Amazon Prime, you get more discounts than the annual Black Friday at other retail outlets.

Exclusive discounts At Whole Foods:

With the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon in 2017, Amazon Prime Members can enjoy discounts on Whole Foods items at the same time enjoying 5% cash back on their Amazon

Prime Visa. Go on enjoy your healthy lifestyle, you deserve it Amazon Prime.

Internationality (Amazon vs. eBay):

Many people wonder, which Rialto has more international exposure and would conspicuously prefer to sell their items on a more international site, to a more varied customer base.


  •   Amazon is cheaper than eBay as it has 12 site spaces in nations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  •   Has their client in more than 180 nations.
  •   Amazon has announced 33% of deals outside the USA in 2016.


  •   EBay has 25 site spaces all around in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
  •   In 2017, generally, 57% of eBay’s deals were from nations outside the USA.

Most importantly eBay has an increasingly worldwide extension and if that you are hoping to grow universally and have a huge, various client base, and eBay is your platform. In the event that you like to have a US client base, Amazon is a superior wage.

Client Base: (Amazon vs. eBay):

When selling an item, it is insightful to know who your clients are and what desires they have. We should examine what separates Amazon customers from their cousins on eBay.


  •   Has 300 million month to month clients.
  •   10% of those clients or 30 million individuals utilize their applications.
  •   44% of customers start their quest for an item on Amazon however value keeps an eye on different locales.
  •   44% of families in America have Amazon Prime.


 Has 167 million month to month clients.
 Because of eBay’s sale model, shoppers hope to pay less so serious evaluating is


 Level of administration also item-quality is vital – most purchasers on eBay will just purchase from merchants with an input score of 100 or higher.

Summing it up:

Toward the finish of this post, you most likely need a definitive answer concerning which commercial center to sell on. However, as we said in various events you should choose what is generally critical to you.

Why pick eBay?

Pick eBay as your favored selling stage if:

  •   You need unquestionably the least expensive commercial center as far as charges.
  •   You are a practitioner who needn’t bother with an organization to deal with the complexities of delivery and capacity.
  •   It is significant for you to have a different and universal client base.
  •   You need to build up a solid brand and not contend with eBay for business.
  •   You sell collectibles, utilized or brand name things that are limited on Amazon.

Why pick Amazon?

  •   Pick Amazon as your favored selling stage if:
  •   You wouldn’t fret paying some extra in charges and in return appreciate the advantages of having a huge organization deal with postage for you.
  •   You are increasingly centered on a US-based objective market.
  •   Brand character isn’t as imperative to you as creating deals.
  •   You sell generally new things and don’t anticipate selling things from Amazon’s confined rundown.
  •   You don’t have an issue with Amazon possibly undermining your online business.

Amazon Fresh:

Previously, Amazon was charging a US$ 14.99/- annual fee for those buying groceries via Amazon Fresh. However, this has been done away with. Now within the subscription of Amazon Prime, one call avail the discounts of Amazon Fresh. If you remember the grocery discussion we had earlier on, Amazon Prime just saved the hassle of the grocery run.

Enjoy a 30 day free trial for your Amazon Prime membership today. Click on the link for more details.

In the event, that you have some other key contrasts or on the off chance that you favor one commercial center over the other for a particular explanation if you don’t mind share in the remarks below.


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