Amazon vs. Walmart: Is Amazon Cheaper Than Walmart?

is amazon cheaper than walmart

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Is Amazon cheaper than Walmart? Heck yeah it is!

Walmart is a name synonym with cheap prices.  In America, when one mentions the cheapest rate in the country, the first thing that comes to mind is Walmart. Individuals may hate to be seen in the store but definitely can’t live without its cheap prices.

Walmart is a multinational chain of retail outlets founded in The United States of America by Sam Walton in 1969. It is a general perception among the general public that Amazon is cheaper than Walmart. Even it is now considered to be a national icon of great bargains under one roof. Walmart also operates Sam’s Club.

Walmart is known as the store for the common man. It has an assortment of items to browse and all are accessible at a discounted rate. Its USP is to gain profit from selling items daily at a wholesale price and to sell consumers a variety of products. Thus it is enjoying great revenue by selling items in high volumes across the country as well as the continent.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Walmart was considered as the go-to store for anything required. It gained popularity in its customer service and spoof shows such as Saturday Night Live and MADtv.

Over the years, Walmart has tried to evolve its services to emulate that of Amazon. It may seem that Walmart is trying to gain market share by trying to offer some services that are offered by its competitors.

Walmart offers free next day delivery for orders on US$35/- or more. It has been offering exclusive services for most of its Sam Club members.

Is Amazon Cheaper than Walmart? Yes!

Is Amazon cheaper than Walmart? For this, you may ask the benefits of being a member of Sam’s Club. There a number of reasons for being a member of Sam’s Club and they are as follows:

• Convenient Bulk Purchase:

Have to buy in bulk but hide shopping in crowds. According to Sam’s Club if you provide an online order before 5 pm they will have the order prepared by the next day morning for pick up.

• Exclusive Shopping Hours:

  • Sam’s Club offers its members’ exclusive hours i.e. from Monday to Saturday at 7 am. This shopping hour’s privilege is provided to Sam’s Club members only.
  • Financial Services:Own a Business but don’t have time to taxes or your book-keeping. No Worries. Sam’s Club has you covered. Walmart provides Sam’s Club member’s exclusive tax filing and Accounting Services.

• Business Startup Services:
Walmart provides Sam’s Club members all services it may require as a Startup Business such as

acquiring a loan to printing services.

• Discounts on Prescriptions:

Sam’s Plus Members can get up to 5 prescriptions filled absolutely free.

• Home Renovations Services:

Want to renovate your house. Sam’s Club will help you by providing access to vetted companies that can help you carry out any renovation in your house that you please.

• Gift Card Options:
A friend’s birthday is coming up and wants to please you significant other on a happy occasion,

Sam’s Club will help you find Gift Card Options that will cater to all ages and al relationships.

• Free Technical Support:
Not so technical savvy. Sam’s Club members have access to 24/7 customer service that will be

ready to tackle their technical issues if any at the snap of a finger.

• Health Tests Absolutely Free:
Sam’s Club carries out health tests such as blood glucose tests, cholesterol test and other

simple but critical health checkups absolutely free for its members.

• Health Insurance:

The Club fundamentally has all your wellbeing needs secured. If you’re shopping for indemnification plans and you’re a member of the Club, you may want to consider their indemnification accommodations which cover both individuals and businesses.

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Both Walmart and Amazon are known to provide bargains to consumers. However, in terms of Kitchen and Appliances, Amazon is known to be cheaper than Walmart. Furthermore, items like lens solutions, garden hedges and sunscreens were known to be a bargain on Amazon.

In terms of making online purchases, Walmart can’t be called an online store as you still have to go to the nearest Walmart store to collect your items. That’s technically not online shopping. The hassles of collecting your items from the store are still there. Why would you want to go there, if the products can be shipped to your doorstep?

Sam’s Club provides great discounts and offers for members. However, these members are only business owners and individuals who are not that keen on shopping online.

Amazon takes online shopping up a notch with Amazon Prime Membership. The annual charges of Amazon Prime are less than the annual fee of US$ 100/-. The benefits of an Amazon Prime membership are as follows:

Express Delivery For Amazon Prime Members:

Amazon offers Amazon Prime Members various types of delivery options which range from same-day delivery to 2-day delivery. Same day delivery is offered for selective items whereby selecting the item before the cutoff time guarantees that the order will be delivered within the same day.

2-day delivery is a delivery service whereby the selected merchandise is guaranteed to be delivered at your doorstep within 2 days. No more hassle of wondering or guessing when the merchandise will be delivered. No more calling customer services at arguing on when the delivery was placed and when it is supposed to reach.

Another great service is that Amazon Prime Members can select a day of the week when they wish their ordered products to be delivered. This service is known as Amazon Day. These benefits have an edge over Walmart and ultimately make Amazon cheaper than Walmart.

Amazon Prime members can win amazing rewards or points by delaying shipment or delivery of their ordered products. This can be done when the individual doesn’t require the services right away.

Amazon Prime Members can also pre-book their orders. For example, if one’s desired book is being released on a particular day, members can book their orders in advance and receive the book on the actual launch day. While your friends will be waiting for the book to be delivered after the launch, you will have already read the book.

Streaming Benefits:

Amazon is cheaper than Walmart as it allows Amazon Prime Members unlimited streaming for videos and TV Shows in The US and Puerto Rico Region Only. There are over thousands of movies and TV Shows to choose from.

Amazon Prime Members at a minimal additional cost can enjoy live streaming of HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

Prime Members can enjoy ad-free access to thousands of playlists and at a discount gain access to Amazon Monthly Music Plans.

Members are gaining exclusive rights to pre-order games. This administration appears to be unrealistic right. Be that as it may, the administrations show signs of improvement.

Amazon vs. Walmart in Future:

Amazon is planning for a standoff with an unlikely foe Walmart. This is a war that has been unobtrusively working for quite a while and now making a ton of clamor. Amazon is the king of e-commerce. And probably Amazon is cheaper than Walmart, with 40% of online market shares supported by their prime service, which provides value delivery merchandise and cloud services all for a low annual membership fee.

Recently Amazon has been making a series of peregrinates to additionally dominate logistics a territory dominated by super chain Walmart. Amazon is rapidly moving in this direction with the 13.7 billion acquisitions of Whole Foods and by building more of its already 215 nationwide US fulfillment centers.

Walmart isn’t standing around since quite a while ago known as a lord of coordination and conveyance it has been battling to staff off rivalry and remains in the game by making heavy investments in online e-commerce companies such as jet comm. bonobos Moose Jaw parcel and Shuba comm.

The action by both these gatherings to move into an unfamiliar area is setting up enormous competition. For clients, dollars dependent on who can give the least cost and the

most advantageous more or less Amazon is including disconnected abilities as it enters a market close to you, while Walmart is securing the computerized ability to be a genuine online business rival. So, welcome to the war.

Shopping Deals:

Amazon Prime Members can enjoy a 20% discount on diapers, baby foods and other necessities for the care of your baby.

How many of us who have ordered garments online wished if we could have tried them on for

fitting and fabric quality. Well, the wish has just become a reality. Amazon Prime Members can try clothing for men, women, kids and even baby clothing, shoes and accessories. They enjoy a 7-days pretrial offer prior to its purchase.

Exclusive members enjoy 5% cash back on purchases made from

Previously, Amazon was charging a US$ 14.99/- annual fee for those buying groceries via Amazon Fresh. Not anymore. Enjoy and go ahead shopping all you want.

Members can enjoy a 30-minute head start to lightning deals on

Amazon is cheaper than Walmart as through its Visa Signature Card, members just don’t enjoy discounts or cash backs on but also on other various websites.

Members also enjoy the rates of on books available on other websites.

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So Is Amazon cheaper than Walmart? Heck yeah!
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