Lower Your Energy Bill With Blackout Curtains

Lower your energy bill with blackout curtains

Lower your energy bill with our absolute favorite and most affordable blackout curtains.

Whether you’re going through intense hot days of summers or extreme cold nights of the winter season, you always try to maintain the optimal temperature and comfort for your living environment. But due to some reasons, your heating or cooling system sometimes requires more energy to keep the indoor temperature normal, which can dramatically increase your monthly energy bills. In this article, we’re going to discuss blackout curtains that can help you to conserve energy and lower your energy bill.

You might be shocked to know that in winter; almost 30% of your heating energy is lost through your home’s windows.  Likewise, in summer, more than 75% of the sunlight headed towards your direction will enter through the windows. Due to this, heat loss in winters and heat gain in summers can strain your heating and cooling system and require it to use more energy to keep the indoor temperature normal.

Installing blackout curtains will serve a dual purpose by retaining heat during the winter and rejecting heat during the summer. An investment in blackout curtains also provides you the control that when and how much sunlight is allowed to enter your home, which will help to maintain the desired temperature and consequently lower your energy bill. For all the people, who are new to this topic or have limited knowledge about blackout curtains, let me start by first explaining what it actually is.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout or Insulted Curtains comes with an energy-efficient system that makes them capable of preventing heat transfer, blocking out light, and reducing noise. A blackout curtain is a drapery with a lining attached to its back. The lining could consist of some spongy material that is heavy and prevents the heat from escaping in the winter and blocks the sun in the summer. You can easily hang them on a curtain rod mounted close to the window so that it can prevent air from escaping around the edges of the curtain.

Surprising History of Blackout Curtains

Today, we use blackout curtains for blocking light and heat from the windows but very few people know that blackout curtains got their start during World War II. In 1939, when nighttime air raids from NAZI troops threatened many cities in northern Europe, blackout regulations started to be enforced in Britain.

The government ensured that blackout material was available and used by every household so that without any man-made light coming from cities, fighter planes would have difficulty navigating and reaching their targets. In these days, many people became aware of the privacy and room darkening capabilities that blackout curtains could provide.

Do They Actually Help to Lower Your Energy Bill?

Your home’s windows are typically made from glass and they allow sunlight to pass through, and in the same way, the outside heat also passes through, which increases the temperature of your room. The main function of a blackout curtain is to block the outside heat from going into the room.

As we have already discussed that without any barrier or insulation, you’re likely to lose about 30% of your heated and cooled air, which makes your furnace or air conditioning system to pump unnecessarily, consequently increasing your energy bills. A blackout curtain is built with the purpose to preserve your home from the four main types of heat loses i.e. conduction, infiltration, convection, and radiation. In simple words, blackout curtains reduce cooling and heating costs by saving energy, thus saving you monthly money on energy bills.

Other Benefits

  • Blocks Light:

Some products like a blackout curtain that we’re going to refer to later in this article, comes with the capability to block 100% sunlight and UV rays. In this way, blackout curtains can benefit people living in northern cities, where the sun may be out for more than twenty hours a day. That’s not all; it can also provide a light-controlled home cinema by creating complete darkness for your home theatre system.

  • Blocks Noise:

If you’re one of those people who are very sensitive to outside noise, then considering a blackout curtain can be one of the best ways to minimize the outside noise. An insulation curtain works in a twofold prong way by blocking sound waves and absorbing sounds at the same time. It ensures to keep your home free from noise pollution.

  • Improve Your Sleep:

As its name implies, blackout curtain’s main job is to keep the light out and greatly helps to improve your sleep. Especially for the people, who work at night and suffer from health problems due to their unusual sleeping habits. Blackout curtain deals with this problem by creating the ambiance of night and help to reduce those health problems.

Choosing the Right Blackout Curtain

As you can see, the blackout curtain is an efficient solution that can keep the heat away from your home and lower your energy bill. So, it is extremely important to carefully choose the right product (blackout curtain) for your home.

You need to consider various factors before installing a blackout curtain. Firstly, carefully measure your windows and ensure that the product you’re purchasing can fit with your window. Furthermore, look for a product that can protect your furniture and the floor of your room from sun damage and fading.

Next is the most effective blackout curtain that offers 100% sunlight blockage and will maximize your electric and gas emission savings.

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels

Lower Your Energy Bill With Blackout Curtains 1Lower Your Energy Bill With Blackout Curtains 2

Using NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains can save energy by balancing room temperature. The advanced triple wave technology of the fabric helps to prevent summer heat and winter from invading your windows.

Sleep is critical to your physical health. While you sleep, your body repairs your heart and blood vessels. Government studies have shown sleep deficiency can be linked to increased risks of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. These are the best blackout curtains in the market that offers 100% blackout from sunlight and help to provide healthy sleep during the daytime.

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  • Sewing in dark liner backing makes the curtains sufficiently thick to totally keep out the 100% daylight and UV beam.
  • Heavyweight Blackout Lined Curtain Panels can make window totally shut, to accomplish soundproof environment.
  • Layer power outage window ornaments with dark liner backing are vitality savvy which can keep the room a lot hotter in winter and square a great deal of coolness during summer.
  • It can provide a real dark environment, which will bring you a good night’s sleep during the day.
  • It comes with no chemical coating, no formaldehyde, and Eco-friendly properties that will remain safe for your family and the overall environment.


Model No.NICETOWN_Blackout
Material100% Polyester
Item Weight4.96 lbs.
Product Dimensions84” x 52 x 0.5
Check PriceNICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtain

Installation Procedure

You’ll need the blind kit which includes blinds, brackets, screws, and a safety tension device. You’ll need a drill and Phillip’s head bit. You’ll need to measure the size of your window to see what size blind you need.

You can use a recessed mount which is only inside of the window frame. The universal brackets in your kit will suit either the face or the recess mount. Now mark where you want to drill your brackets and repeat this for your other bracket. If you’ve got a small window, you could probably do this by yourself. But I’ve got a bigger window so I needed a friend to help me. Make sure you secure the chain end first.

The last step is a really important one. The chain on this can be a choking hazard to children. You should secure this to keep your little ones safe. String the chain through the safety section and join it to the window outline. The blind is up, you’ve now got some privacy, and the sun won’t wake you up at 5:00 in the morning.

Tips to Wash this Product

  • It is machine washable, but we recommend you to consider hand wash or dry cleaning.
  • Wash at the water temperature less than 86F.
  • Flexible detergents can be used, but you should not use any bleaching product.
  • Low-temperature ironing, only if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). What is the exact width of each panel?

Ans. Each panel is 52” wide, so the total width of the 2 panels are 104”.

2). What color is at the back of Pure White Curtains?

Ans. It is black, but it still looks like pure white.

3). Do they also help to keep the cold out?

Ans. Yes, they do and you’ll feel a noticeable difference in your living room.

4). Are these blackout curtains treated with flame retardants?

Ans. No, these curtains are not flame retardants.

Why You Should Use This Blackout Curtain?

  • The package comes with 2 panels that are particularly suitable for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, babies’ room, villa, etc.
  • It offers multifunction by blocking unwanted light and noise completely that will ultimately help to lower your energy bill.
  • Its sophisticated designs brighten your home décor and make your living space livelier.
  • It also protects your furniture, floor, and artwork from the ravages of the sun.

Final Thoughts

In the present world, you need to use your furnace or air conditioning system throughout the year to maintain a comfortable living environment for you and your loved ones. But the costs with it can be shocking. To deal with this, use NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains, as it can block 100% of the sunlight and keep you away from unwanted heat and lower your energy bill. Order this Curtain Online Now!

If you need still need any assistance, simply leave a message in the comments section, and we’ll promptly get back to you.

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