Lower Your Energy Bill with Weather Stripping and Window Insulation

Lower your energy bill

Lower your energy bill with weather stripping and window insulation:

Implementing energy-efficient techniques in your home can help to reduce your annual energy bills by 5 to 30%. You can either reduce electricity costs by installing more efficient appliances or you can also reduce your home energy usage through improving insulation. If you don’t have money to remodel your home to save money, then are some other easy and affordable ways that can help you to lower your energy bill.

When heat escapes from your home to outside, it impacts your indoor heating or cooling system. This heat is typically escaped through walls, windows, roof, floor, and by minimizing this heat loss, you can save energy and it will consequently save you money. Here, we’re going to discuss weather stripping and window insulation, and how they can help to reduce energy loss and lower your energy bill. We’ll also unfold some best products that reduce energy requirements and helps to save you monthly money.

First, let me start by explaining what weather stripping and window insulation actually are and how they can save you money on energy bills.

Weather Stripping Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Weather Stripping is a very simple and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your home by minimizing air leaks through doors and operable windows. It is a narrow piece of metal, vinyl, or foam that eliminates the gaps in your windows and doors by sealing the contact area between the fixed and movable sections of a window or door.

When your home is not properly weatherized or sealed, both heating and cooling costs can go beyond limits. On an estimate, 30 to 40% of a home’s overall heating and cool loss is due to the air leaks. And it gives rise to lots of wasted energy and unnecessary fuel costs, which is harmful to the environment as well as for your pocket. By detecting and sealing air leaks, you can easily keep your heating and cooling costs under control and your energy bills manageable.

Energy loss from poor insultation

Areas to Consider While Weather Stripping Your Home:

While weather stripping and sealing all of the leaks and cracks in your home, you need to locate the openings in the following areas of your home:

  • Locate around the windows and door frames.
  • Locate around electrical outlets, switches, or other items cut into the wall.
  • Locate around the chimney.
  • Locate in between the wall and floor.
  • Locate behind knee walls.
  • Locate around the ceiling built-in light fixtures.
  • Locate around the attic entrances.
  • Locate around furnace flues and other plumbing areas.

Window Insulation

Window insulation is another way of making your home more comfortable and lower your energy bill. It reduces the amount of heat that usually gets transferred through glass windows. There are different types of window insulation that works in different ways. A window insulation film is a more appropriate, easy, and affordable type of weather insulation.

Window Insulation Film is a protective film, which is applied over the window to improve the insulation properties of glass. It is usually made up of plastic and helps to reduce the amount of heat that passes through your glass windows. Window films come in a variety of thicknesses depending upon their purposes. Before applying window insulation film, make sure that the window is not broken or loose.

Benefits of Insulated Windows

  • Window insulation helps to prevent heat loss during the cold season and keep cool air in during the hot season.
  • As insulated windows are double or triple-paned, so they provide insulation against external temperature.
  • Insulated windows reduce power requirements by maintaining the ideal indoor temperature.
  • Window insulation also helps to reduce the sounds of noises from outside the house.

After discussing the benefits of weather stripping and window insulation and how they can lower your energy bill, coming up next are the most effective products that you should consider to make your home more energy-efficient.

3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit

What’s better than saving energy and money? 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit keeps the area warmer and comfort at top. When your heating bill goes up, you will just have to find out what the deal is. It might probably be turned out to losing heat through your windows. Don’t worry at all, as there is a simple fix for this issue.  3M Indoor Window Insulator is a quick and easy way to save energy and money.


  • 3M Window Insulator bears the scotch window film tape to keep the cold drafts out and warm air in. The film shrivels tight around your window and subsequently helps in to diminish your warming expenses throughout the winter.
  • Its two-folded tape closes splits and cleft, makes a hermetically sealed seal, and sets up a solid bond between the surface, the tape, and the protection film.
  • Its insulation tape clings effectively to an assortment of surfaces and remains unblemished upon erasure.


Brand Name3M
Model No.2141BW-6
Fits WithFive 3’ x 5’ Indoor Windows
Product’s Weight7.7 Ounce
Product’s Dimensions1.4” x 9.8” x 8.7”
Check Price3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit

Installation Procedure

 Besides saving your energy and money, a 3M window insulator is so easy to install. Here is how:

  • First, give your window’s molding a good cleaning with soapy water and a sponge. And make sure you let it dry completely.
  • Measure the length and width of a window up to an extra inch on each size.
  • Now cut the film to the matching size of a window.
  • It a pretty big sheet so you unfold it all the way. If you have trouble separating the film, you scotch tape on each side to help pull it apart.
  • Now tick the tape around the window frame. Press firmly to help it stick.
  • Now it’s time to take off the paper liner.
  • Re-stick and stretch the tape to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Make your blow dryer ready. Use it remove any remaining wrinkles starting from a corner. While the dryer process, don’t let the dyer touch the film.
  • Now properly adjust the edges by trimming up the extra film with the help of a scissor.
  • Scotch tape technology means that the insulation film will stay up to the whole winter. So, don’t worry.
  • Three types of transparent insulation coating are available and all you see through your window is the view.

KELIIYO Door Weather Stripping, Window Seal Stripping

Keliiyo door weatherstripping is a range of high-quality professional-grade door seals, designed to stop air entering around doors and windows. They’re extremely easy to fit because they’re self-adhesive, easily cut to length and come with a special installation tool that ensures a perfect fit every time.

The holes and cracks around our home entryways and windows may cause irritating dust, clamor, cold breeze, and water spillage as well. KELIIYO weatherproof strip cement can dispose of every one of these issues. Its great windproof, soundproof and waterproof execution, assists you with blocking drafts and air spillage while maintaining warm, snuggly and quiet indoor conditions and subsequently lower your energy bill by minimizing energy requirements.


  • Keliiyo is a strong anti-crash froth climate stripping which strongly confronts the dust, air and water spillage from the doors and windows minor cracks and openings and well. And ultimately makes your home warm and comfortable for you!
  • It protects the window and entryway, lessen corrosion area and clamor on window/entryway while opening and closing the windows and doors.
  • It blocks unwanted air ventilation, helps you sparing vitality and diminishes electric expense also.
  • It is an excellent aging obstructer for your home and increases its life through its soundproofing, waterproofing, dust proofing and, windproofing mechanism.


Brand NameKeliiyo
MaterialSilicone, Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, Polyvinyl Chloride
Item Weigh1.76 Ounce
Package Dimensions9.4” x 8” x 1.6”
Package Includes2 D Type Window Rolls
Check PriceKeliiyo Weather Stripping

Installation Procedure

Keliiyo insulation stops air coming in around the sides and the top of doors once and for all. It can be applied to external as well as internal doors and windows.

  • You’ll need a cleaning cloth, your Keliiyo insulation for Doors and windows set, a measuring tape, a pencil, a handsaw, a miter box, and a pair of scissors.
  • Most external doors open inwards, and so usually the Keliiyo insulation for Doors is fitted on the outside of your home. If you have doors that open outwards then you’ll need to fit them on the inside.
  • It can be easily stained or painted to merge seamlessly with your existing doorframe. Just ensure the seal is not fitted while you are staining or painting.

 Keliiyo insulation can be installed in four easy steps:

  1. Clean the door jamb:

It’s important to clean the door jamb thoroughly because this is where the Keliiyo insulation will be adhered to. A clean surface is very important to maximize the holding power of the adhesive that’s on the back of the Keliiyo package. But you can also use a microfiber cloth and some methylated spirits if you have that on hand.

  1. Measure and cut your moldings:

Let’s begin with the head of the door – that’s the top. With the door closed, measure across the door jamb remembers measure twice cut once. Select the timber molding that has no marking at either end. Remove the seal, then measure along and mark the molding to fit comfortably into the head of the door. Using your miter box, make a square cut and hold it up to check that the section fits neatly.

Next is to measure the right-hand side. Subtract eight millimeters from this measurement to allow enough space for the molding that runs along the top of the door. Select the molding with the red marking at one end. Remove the seal then measure from the colored end along with the molding, mark where to cut with your pencil, and square-cut the molding to length. Remember to check twice before cutting.

  1. Fit the moldings to the door jamb:

Using the fitting packer will ensure that the Keliiyo insulations are placed the exact distance from the door to achieve a perfect seal. Begin with the top of the door; take the molding that you’ve cut to length already.

Remove about 15 centimeters of the red liner from the adhesive side. I like to use a knife to help find the end and peel it back neatly. Lay the tape liner away from the slotted side of the molding.

Move the pack or along the face of the door and pull a little more of the tape liner out, as you work your way along sticking the molding to the head of the door jamb as you go. Continue moving across the door until all of the tape liners are removed. Next is to fit of molding on the right-hand side following a similar process. Working from the end marked in red, peel the tape liner back neatly and laid the tape liner away from the slot. Hold the packer against the face of the door about 15 centimeters from the top.

Carefully hold the molding against the fitting packer and slide it upwards until the angled end of the molding meets the contour of the top molding perfectly. Work your way down the molding sliding the packer down and peeling the tape away as you go. Follow the same process on the left-hand side beginning at the top with the end of the molding marked in green. When all of your moldings are in place, it’s time to bond the adhesive with the door jamb. To do this applies firm pressure to all points along with each molding. Avoid pressing on the thicker side – doing so may damage the molding as this is the side with the slot.

  1. Insert the seal in the slot:

Your seal is provided in strips roughly the same length as each molding. They’re all the same so choose anyone from the bag, take your scissors and square-cut the end of the first seal. Begin pressing it across the head of the door jamb.

Make sure your seal has the nice curved side facing you because this is the side that you’ll see. Press firmly all the way to the end. Square-cut the next piece of the seal, starting at the top of one side; press it up to meet the top seal. Work your way down following the same process again trimming the cut end to the perfect length. Continue the same process for the other side. Check that the seals are pressed in properly all the way around. You can look along the line of the seal to see if there are some parts that need a little extra push. And there you have it!

A perfectly sealed door that will withstand the test of time, a properly Keliiyo proofed door, will make your home more comfortable, cheaper to heat and cool, and better for the environment too!


Weatherstripping and window insulation are fairly affordable and easy solutions to make your home energy-efficient and ultimately lower your energy bill. Try 3M Indoor Window Insulator and Keliiyo Weather Stripping and experience the most comfortable environment at your home. What’s more special is that you don’t need to go anywhere and order these products online.

If you still have any queries, leave a message in the comments section and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you liked this article on how to lower your energy bill, then check out our other household saving tips.


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