3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Diapers

Every parent knows diapers are a huge recurring expense. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily save money on diapers and use that extra change to buy more cookies?

3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Diapers 1

Save Money on Diapers by Shopping Online

Going to the store to grab diapers wastes gas money and time. That’s why all frugal elves prefer to buy their diapers online

But not only do you save on gas and time, but I’ve found a diaper brand that is as cheap if not cheaper than anything you can find in any store! At 11 cents per diaper, you’re getting the diaper deal of the century with Luvs Ultra Leakguards:

Buying Luvs online is going to save money on diapers guaranteed. I’ve used them to wrap my little elf’s baby bums in and I can personally attest to their quality and effectiveness 🙂

Switch to Cloth

If you want to save money on diapers you’ve got to consider switching to cloth diapers.

3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Diapers 2

The world is on the verge of extreme environmental change. Global warming, increasing pollution and use of plastic and synthetic materials that clog our landfills and don’t biodegrade.

As a consumer we vote with our dollar. Every purchase is a vote for the kind of planet we want our children to grow up on. And that can start with diapers. Diapers are a basic need but are made of synthetic material and not reusable. Can we avoid that? Yes! We can.

While you’re changing several diapers to sometimes a dozen per day, you are not only increasing the pollution but also adding more and more new diapers to your errands list. That wastes a lot of time and money.

Doesn’t that take up a lot of gas money and hard-earned time? Do we have an alternative? Well, yes. Reusable cloth diapers can help save money on diapers and save the environment. That’s the icing on the cake that would make any tree-loving elf happier than a Keebler.

Do Cloth Diapers Save Money? 

The concept of the cloth diaper isn’t new. Quite the opposite. People used them back in the 18th century before synthetic ones were invented. However, bringing them back into the big picture is quite a task as consumer preferences can be slow to change. But for the people who are trying to save money and save the environment, they have already been searching for ideas like this.

So, your golden idea is here! Are you skeptical about the money-saving part? Well, here is how you will save money.

When you buy the MamaKoala cloth diapers, they might cost you around $80 for a dozen. Now, you do not have to keep disposing of them, unlike the synthetic ones. So, you will save up to $0.50 each time you use the cloth diaper.

Right after giving birth, your beautiful little one might need a dozen cloth diapers in a day. If you want to play it safe and don’t want to keep washing the cloth diapers every two hours, you need to stock up on a bit more than a dozen. Oh, and when your toddler is growing up, you might need to layer two inserts inside to prevent leakage.

You will only use diapers until your child is potty trained. So, the overall saving of money will be around $350 or more, which is not a bad start. Moreover, you won’t have to give up on convenience. It will be as easy to use as disposable ones. The only downside is that it requires washing. But that’s super easy. Just toss all your dirty diapers into a wet diaper bag then once it’s full after a day or two toss everything into the laundry. It’s an extra step but from my experience it’s pretty easy. And that’s saying a lot cause I have 23 beautiful elf babies.

Are Cloth Diapers Hygienic? 

Well, that depends on the caretaker who’s cleaning the diapers. But yes, after washing them in the washing machine they are as clean and safe and hygienic as anything else.

When you’re using anything for your child, it needs to be clean as a whistle right? It does not mean that it should be free from stains, but it also needs to be free from harmful germs and bacteria. If you don’t clean the cloth diaper properly, it will be unhygienic. However, if it is washed and cleaned with anti-bacterial detergents, then you should not worry about hygiene at all.

Make sure you wash the cloth diapers properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you do not know how to properly wash the cloth diapers, check out the next section below. Hygiene is important for your child, to keep him safe from any kind of bacterial infection, rashes, itchiness, or other dangerous diseases.

You may want to save money on the diapers, but if you are lazy enough for the cleaning part, this probably isn’t for you.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science. You just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Until your kid is potty trained, you’ll experience the many stages of poo. (What are they? Well, let’s keep it a mystery for now haha). But it’s a beautiful experience and adding a cheap, environmentally friendly option like cloth diapers just add to the magic of the experience.

The first cycle of washing has to be with cold water, without any detergent. Now, when you are washing it in the next round, you need to use the detergent (it can be any home detergent) in warm water. This is the time you will see it clean. But you need to toss it again in the washing machine. Always use all-natural cleaners so no harmful residues will be left on the diapers. Here’s a great eco-friendly hypoallergenic detergent that is perfect for cloth diapers:

So now you know the proper method of disinfecting cloth diapers. These will look fresh and clean, without any hygienic issues.

Which cloth diaper is the best? 

Now that you’ve been planning to pick the cloth diaper, here’s our recommendation. When you pick the one, make sure you don’t pick the super expensive cloth diapers, that’s just a waste of money. The cheaper ones work great and have great reviews. I’ve personally tried them and they are fantastic.

Mama Koala is our pick. It’s the best bang for the buck. They’re incredible quality and you won’t witness any leakage. And it’s super absorbent with 3 layers of microfibres. 

Switch to cloth now and save money on diapers!

Potty Train Earlier

Potty train your kid early and save years worth of diapers! In the 1950s children were often potty trained by 18 months. Today kids are potty trained much later because disposable diapers are just too easy. There are even 4 year olds that are still in diapers! But kids are freakin smart. They are fully capable of being potty trained around the age of 2, some even earlier.

Here’s my favorite potty training book that’s worked on all 23 of my elf children:


A cloth diaper is an amazing pick if you’re trying to save a bit of extra cash for your cookie fund. Besides that, you’re helping the environment stay free of synthetic diapers. Even if you add up the expenses of washing, it will still be a massive money saver for your elf family. You will not just be throwing away your hard-earned money in the form of disposable diapers.

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