Save Money on Printer Ink

save money on printer ink

Buy a printer that uses refillable ink tanks. It’s much much cheaper than having to buy ink cartridges all the time! Here’s our favorite printer with refillable tanks.


Whether you are doing a job in an organization or studying in a university, you need printed documents. Even most times people want to print their documents and pictures present in smartphones. People save money on printer ink but not so much, and it depends on the use of the printer on a daily and weekly basis.

There is no doubt that cartridge toner is a more expensive option as compared to printer ink. If you are using for your business documentation you are probably be replacing it every week and it is going to be a continuous expenditure.

The difference between ink printer and toner cartridge is that one is filled with liquid ink, and one is refilled with an excellent powder toner just as used in laser technology printers.

If you need to print documents on paper, keep some important tips in your mind to save money on printer ink. The ink of the printer is above the budget cost every week, especially when you are working in any organization and you require thousands of print outs daily.

You have multiple options to choose the better type of printer according to the needs, not only your home but also for your business. An inkjet printer is a cost-effective option for quality prints, either the documents and the photos. Typically inkjet printers have two cartridges one has the tri-color ink, and the other has black ink.

Most of the people asked the same question pertaining to the costs of printers before buying any them that they should buy an inkjet printer or laser printer? And the answer is simple when printers newly launched they were more expensive as compared to nowadays. Now the prices of printers and scanners have dropped considerably.

Tips to save money on printer ink


Keep one thing in your mind that if you are thinking to replace cartridges only this activity is going to cost you a lot, but these tips and services as mentioned below can help to cut down the expenses.

According to the modern life, people drive to any store open cash wallet and ask for new color cartridges.  According to advanced research, 28% of inkjet printers need frequent ink replacement for smooth working.

You can save ink by adjusting print quality:


During the process of printing a text to the paper, you can save enough ink by setting the software on “Fast Draft Quality”. Every model of a printer has these options. But in settings, the format of printing documents also matters a lot.

Print just the selected text from a webpage:


If you want to get some information from a webpage on the printing page, you don’t need to get the print of ads or unnecessary data. So, don’t waste printer ink terribly like this by printing the whole page including unnecessary data.

To save ink, highlight the required printable text and give the command of printing (ctrl+P). Then open the properties of windows and check the “print selection option” and get the print of only highlighted text.

Browser Extensions helps to save money on printing:


All browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox have different extensions that allow you to do work more efficiently. The same way print-friendly extension in Google chrome helps to obtain only required sections to print easily and automatically it can save it in PDF format.

Use Draft Print Gray-Scale or Settings:


When you don’t want to get an excellent copy or copy with high resolution, then choose the draft print setting for getting print with less ink and toner. You can also use a black and white printer to take normal prints because colored prints are more expensive.

Recycle Your Printer Ink Cartridges:


Buying the new cartridges every time is not a smart move. Rather recycling the old one can save money on printer ink to a greater extent. Even cartridges manufacturers offer free shipping to provide recycling service.


Epson EcoTank Wireless ET-2720 Printer with Scanner and Copiers


Epson can help you save money on printer ink! Epson is a reliable company that provides genuine Epson inks for better quality printing experience. The Epson EcoTank ET-2720  is not only the fastest machine, but it also provides quality prints at a low cost.

You can save money on printer ink because it is cost-effective and contains large ink bottles as compared to ink cartridges, in this way you can also refill your printer easily and quickly.

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless printer and scanner is a mid-range printer from which you can take awesome prints of your sunset photographs and art graphics. Its printing speed is average, but not slow, and you can say that it is a good machine to operate even in a professional environment.

Epson printer takes print of about 5ppm, but in black and white format, you can get prints more speedily. You can get prints of whatever you want, for instance, your family photos, financial reports, and job documents. In short, its overall job is perfectly excellent domestically, as well as professionally.

Wifi option is easy to set up and configure, and the ink filling process is also not a big deal. You can clean the printer quickly and without any hectic. It let you save money on printer ink option for home-based offices as well.

Epson printer and scanner is the most recommended device for home-based printing. With a lightweight and compact size 1.44 display color options, it has customized settings to improve the print quality.

It has a front filling tank that’s why people like to have this printing convenience at their home and even at their business premises. The incredible feature of this printer is its huge capacity to print, which allows taking prints of approximately 6500 pages in the black and white and 5300 pages in color format.

The ET-2720 has very simple options to control operation, and there are different keys available to operate, like arrow keys which are used to navigate from one option to another.

Buttons that make the process easy and functional are: Back, cancel, Copy and help. This model used for one or two-page printing as compared to other models, but it’s a cost-effective choice.

The printer offers the best connectivity options, and easy to configure the WI-FI option directly or via USB. This model uses peers to peers wireless network protocol which allows all smartphones to connect to the printer without even using any external software or router.

This is without a doubt the best way to save money on printer ink.


Epson Inkjet Quality:


Inkjet printers these days can print in high quality and the ET-2720 has gotten no comparison in the world of printing services. You can trust it to get a well-shaped character, attractive spaces and kerning down approximately 6 points that are more recommended for home use printing. You can take prints of PDF documents, and colorful PowerPoint excel sheets, graphs, and reports and that’s also in high resolution.

Printer’s Entry-Level Speeds:


The entry-level speed of printing is 10.5 is monochrome pages per minute for black and white and 5ppm for color prints. Epson printer has the capacity to take out prints of 12 pages of Microsoft Word on the speed of 10.2 ppm in one go.

Key Features :


  • Epson printer is a multi-functioned machine that is a single platform for scanning, printing and sending a fax of your documents as well.
  • It can help to print on both sides. This feature can save you money and time.
  • 44 Display resolution can help to navigate and set up the system quickly.
  • Wireless connectivity makes it preferable as compare to other printers.
·             Printing quality is awesome·             No memory card and Ethernet support
·             Budget effective printing option·             Paper capacity is low
·             Lightweight and compact design·             Printing speed is a bit slow


·             Direct wifi mobile connectivity
·             Uniquely keyed for easy refilling
·             Easy setup and navigation



Does this print duplex/2-sided?


No, this model of the printer does not have a setting to print automatically on both sides, if you want to get print on both sides then flip the paper manually and get print your data on both front and back of the page.

Is the Epson still allows to fax?

No, The Epson ET-2720 does not allow faxing. But some of the models still support faxing search so it is better to find the best compatible model.

What is the DPI for the scanner?


The Epson printer has 1200 DPI resolution for the main scan and 2400 DPI for sub-scan.

Is this compatible with windows 7?

EcoTank scanner and printer can efficiently work with windows seven. It is compatible with 64 bit and 32-bit operating system without any issue.

Is this printer compatible with chrome books?


Yes, this model of printer and scanner is compatible with Chromebooks even you don’t need to install any drivers and software to connect.

Does this have self-cleaning nozzles or a setting to self clean itself?


No, this model does not have a self-cleaning nozzle or head cleaning automatic system. You need to clean your machine manually with the proper guide. If you want to open the product deeply to clean, first read the user’s manual for detailed instructions.

Where do you load paper?

The Epson printer has a sheet feeder at the backside of the machine.

Does this require software installation with a CD?


Yes, you will receive a CD to install drivers, but some people have laptops without a CD port. So, if it is so then you need to download drivers from the Epson website.

Over to You:

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is a multi-purpose machine you can take print and scan from this printer with maximum quality. You can connect it with USB and WIFI connection, but it lacks Ethernet port, and one criticism that critics have is that the LCD size of the printer is very small.

Overall Epson is very excellent in printing quality at a reasonable price and it is a highly recommended machine as compared to cartridge-based printers.

Now that you know how to save money on printer ink, check out another of our frugal tips.


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