Save Money on Tires

save money on tires

Before buying new tires, try repairing your old ones yourself! Buy a tire repair kit!

And whenever you get a flat, first try this much cheaper option.

Having a car has become very important these days in most parts of the world. Some people have more than one car, like mobile phones. If you have your car you do not need to rely on others, and you do not have to adjust your schedule according to others. When you are using public vehicles you are always in tension weather reaching on time, or you might miss your public transport. You will be independent to travel if you have your car.

You will be happy even if it is simply to travel from work to home. Your vehicle can be very helpful in case of emergencies, like accidents, sickness or injuries. Having your vehicle makes life considerably more comfortable. Having the option to cross town in few minutes spares your time on your day by day drive, on your shopping trips, or visiting your chick and kens.

One of the biggest advantages of having your car is planning a trip or long drive. Having a car at such times is a blessing. You can also explore the roads and new places more easily in your car. Just remember to equip yourself with off-road tires as well as a tool save money on tires, and keep a lookout for danger signs on these roads.

Besides all those above-mentioned advantages, having your car also require some sort of maintenance, so, don’t ignore the preventive maintenance of your car.

The maintenance includes:

o Changing your oil.
o Checking your tire pressure. o Getting scheduled inspections

As your car saves on your thousands of rupees, you also need to take care of your car. The most important part of the car that requires regular maintenance is tiered. If you want to save money on tires, try to repair tiers by your own through tire repair kit. It will help you to get your tires rotated and balanced and it also facilitates checking the alignment of tires.

Your manual will guide you how often to do this, and it’s important to make sure your tires wear evenly and your car drives smoothly. You can make your tires—in smooth and aligned condition by using a tire repair tool kit.

Why repair old tires?

One should try to repair an old tire by using a tool kit before buying a new one. A flat tire can be miserable. Whenever it happens for whatever reason, you might be thinking whether you should get the tire repaired or simply send the tire into the trash.

Not every flat, damaged or punctured tire can be fixed. Sometimes, you just need to replace a flat tire. However, in some cases you can get the tire—and your entire car—back on the road with a quick tire repair by using a tire repair kit. This will help to save money on tires.

When to Repair, When to Replace?

A tire that’s been punctured by a nail or another pointed object, the tire can be fixed but the tread area should not be measure more than 1/4 of an inch in diameter. If that there is more than one cut, the tire can be fixed, yet on the off chance that the punctures are in any event 16 inches separated. Otherwise, you need to buy a new tire. If the tire has serious damage in a crash, such as big cuts or treads separation, it should be replaced as soon as possible, not repaired.

Checking the tire’s pressure:

The next time you’re filling up your car take a few moments to fill up your tires too, not only will you be safer on the road but it’ll also save you fuel. If you don’t know what the correct tire pressure is for your car you can look it up on the internet. The right tire pressure for my car is 32 PSI. Enter that into the machine; check your tire for any sign of damage.

If it’s all OK removing the valve cap, attach the hose, and when the machine beeps… it’s all done! Put the valve cap back on and remember to do your other tires. And that’s it. It’s quick, it’s easy and if you do it every month you save money on your fuel bill and are safer on the road.

How old should tires be?

Driving on uncovered tires can be misleading in the best of conditions include some rain or surprisingly more terrible day office and the outcomes can be sad. How to decide whether your tires should be supplanted?

One approach to realize you have enough track is to embed a penny topsy-turvy into the notch and check whether you can see the highest point of tire’s head if that you wouldn’t you be able to have enough tread if it’s more homogeneous to this then it’s time to supersede the tire.

Another is to search for track wear pointers which are ribs inside the sections that stumble into the whole surface. On the off chance that the tread is worn out to that level, then you ken it’s time for a supersession but bear in mind the deeper the grooves the better the tires going to be in the snow and on pluvial roads.

Additionally be watching out for lopsided wear, for instance, if there’s more where on one side of the tire than the other it can mean there’s a misalignment or a messed up suspension

segment. If tire shows cupping which is a dishing out kind of high and low spot, which denotes that your shock absorbers are dead and your tire has literally been bouncing down the road.

Determinately, always take sidewall damage very solemnly it can lead to a blowout as we had here which can be profoundly hazardous sidewall damage cannot be rehabilitated.

Save money on tires! An Introduction to the Basic Tire Repair Tools

Having a set of tire repair tools is very important if you don’t want to be left alone on the roadside of a terrible place because of a punctured tire. Learning and educating how to use a tire repair kit can help you fixing flat tires .and it will be beneficial for you during emergencies.

Besides, the right tools and equipment are essential to the daily operation of any car repair shop or automotive service stations. They promote a safe environment. They also ensure that the repair jobs will be done efficiently.

The Basic Tire Repair Tools:

You need to have a basic knowledge about the tire repair supplies if you want to fix a damaged tire or seal a puncture.


It is used for pulling, cutting, or holding objects firmly. If your tire punctures because of a nail, rock, or other sharp objects, you have to use pliers to remove that foreign body. Also, keep an extra set of pliers in your tire repair kit, because they come handy in various circumstances.

T-handle Insert Tool:

All the repair kit has two T-handle tools – one is a rasp tool, and the other is a needle insertion tool. They help in cleaning the hole and securing the plug. The rasp tool is used to clean the hole in the tire. Just push it into the damaged area of the tire and slide up and down. Presently embed the fix plug into the opening of the needle addition apparatus and enter the module the gap in almost 2/3 of the way.

Tire Plugs:

For sealing off the damaged area, pieces of cordage are used. You should have a stock of extra plugs.

Rubber Cement:

An adhesive made from mixing latex in a solvent, which can be a hydrocarbon like hexane, toluene, acetone, or heptane. It seals the tire plug into the leaked or punctured place. It forms a strong and flexible bond between two objects.

Tire Inflator:

It is one of the most important tire repair tools necessary for getting the vehicle tires ready to can be a portable device or an air compressor used for filling air into the tires after the repair work is complete.

Car Jack:

It is necessary for lifting the side of the car. Sometimes it’s not possible to repair the puncture without removing the tire. In that situation, you’ll need a car jack. You can buy the tire repair tools at any auto parts store or online for repairing old tiers before buying new tires. It’s possible to buy a whole kit or additional tools according to your requirements.

Here are some most important and unique tool kits for repairing your old tiers.

Tooluxe 50002L, 35-Piece Value Pack Universal Tire Repair Kit to Fix

Save Money on Tires 1Save Money on Tires 2


This product is the best option to save money on tires. This will help you to fix your old tire before you go for buying a new provides Easy and quick to repair punctures for all tubeless tires on most vehicles, no need to remove tires from provide such a sleek designed tool that can cure a problem of damaged tires within very less time. It is effective and easy to use a kit, tools are light weighted and are easy to carry and handle.


o The T-handle design gives greater turning power and comfort
o It is ideal to keep in your car for roadside emergencies.
o It Includes 1-pc insert tool, 1-pc rasp tool, 2-pc hex keys, 30-pc 4″ string plugs for

multiple repairs, and 1 sealing lubricant.


Art Number


Item Weight

2.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

12 x 8 x 2.5 inches

California residents

Proposition 65 warning

Item model number



Original version


Original Version

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Emergency Tire Repair Sealant, Ounce 10011 🙁 Car/Trailer)

The ATVs, soil bicycles riding lawnmowers quads, pontoon trailers, tractors, and other non- parkway tubeless tires are going to adore this Slime. This is an efficient tire sealant that prevents and repair flat tires. This sealant instantly seals punctures up to 1⁄4″, and it stops slow leaks. Slime tire sealant allows you to repair flat tires fast also prevents and repairs flat tires for bikes, dirt bikes, and wheelbarrows. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non- aerosol, and water-soluble.


This product instantly seals up to 1/4″ (6mm) punctures (about the size of a large screw or nail)

It does not need jack required to repair your flat tire
It is safe, easy to use, and environment-friendly.
It is best for use in an emergency flat tire situation on-highway vehicle tires.
Use this old tire repair product instead of roadside assistance or installing a spare tire.



California residents

Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Item model number


Manufacturer Part Number


OEM Part Number




Cover Included

Slime emergency tire repair sealant 16(oz)




Tire Sealant, Squeeze Bottle, 16 oz.

Item Weight

1.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

3 x 3 x 10 inches

You must try to repair the old tires before buying the new one. This will help you to save money on tires. You need the Tooluxe 50002L Universal Tire Repair Kit and Slime 16 Ounce 10011 Emergency Tire Repair Sealant. The tool kit is ergonomically designed for easy handling and use. The kit and slime will allow you to repair the tire in almost no time. These products will provide you a safe and relaxing journey, and most probably it will make you enjoy the journey peaceful mind.

Don’t replace a tire just because it is leaking; try to repair the tire with the help of tool kit and slime. Heart of tool kit contains all the essential tools that will help you to fix your tires on the spot. You must purchase such an excellent product that will bring you in your comfort zone. These products will save you from troubles, accidents and being late.

You can also perform routine maintenance of the tire by using tool kits. As it will help you to rotate, align and fix the tire. You should also recommend your love ones to purchase a tool kit and slime sealant and keep with them in their cars.

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