5 Items to Buy Online to Save Time and Money

5 Items to Buy Online to Save Time and Money 1

Most people I know buy their household basics at the store. But you can save time and money by buying household items online! I buy everything online for my little elf house. Toilet paper, paper towels, pet food, diapers, batteries. All the things people traditionally think they need to buy in stores. But that’s old thinking. We’re in some exciting modern times where technology can help us live more frugally.

Driving to the store takes gas money and time. Those are some incredibly valuable resources that we can save if we simply buy our fundamentals on the internet. Having the basics shipped right to your door is a beautiful convenience of the modern age. And the prices are incredible, they’re often as cheap as the cheapest stores, I’m looking at you Wal-Mart. I love Wal-Mart but I also love the convenience and affordability of Amazon. I’ve spent hours comparing prices between the two and I often can find deals on Amazon that are as cheap if not cheaper than the cheapest store on the block, Wal-Mart.

5 Items to Buy Online to Save Time and Money 2

Pet Food

This is my favorite item to buy online. Why? Cause I have a bad little back and carrying 50 pounds of dog food to my car and then into my house is no bueno. Why do that when you can have the most affordable dog food available (yes it’s exactly as cheap as WalMart) delivered right to your door for free via Amazon prime.

Cat food isnt as heavy but it sure is nice have it delivered to your door. Here is the most affordable cat food you can find.

Olive Oil

It’s healthy and you should be using it every day. Not only is it great on salads and pastas and as cooking oil, but it’s also healthy and you can even use it for oil pulling. Oil pulling feels really good on your teeth and supposedly has all sorts of medical benefits that keep your mouth happy and healthy. Give it a shot but remember to spit it out in your trashcan and not your drains as when it cools and hardens it could cause clogs.

I’ve done the research and found the cheapest, best oil you can get online. At 21 cents per ounce this is a steal:

Paper Towels

Who wants to lug a huge pack of paper towels to your car and into your home? It’s always an awkward affair. Why waste time and effort to lug around huge packs of paper towels when you can just have them delivered to your door. At 76 cents per 100 sheets these strong paper towels are a dream come true.

If you don’t wanna use paper, you can always buy a big pack of reusable rags on Amazon.


Again, diaper boxes are huge and you can order them online to save loads of time and money. The Luvs Ultra Leakguards are what I use. They’re the cheapest and I can attest to their quality. No pee or doodoo leaks ever 🙂

Every time I’ve shopped for diapers at Amazon or Target I’ve never found an option that was as cheap as these Luvs on Amazon. The Frugal Elf gets really excited by deals like these 🙂

Laundry Detergent

I’ve done the research and found the cheapest detergent on Amazon…and to boot, it’s eco-friendly 🙂 Elves always love products that are good for our trees.

Amazon is a behemoth in the world of capitalism. Love em or hate em, you can’t deny they are so huge they’re able to offer the cheapest deals on the planet. That’s the beauty of capitalism, the big guys can give us the best deals.

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