1 Simple Way To Save Your Septic System without Breaking Your Wallet

1 Simple Way To Save Your Septic System without Breaking Your Wallet 1

Unless your house is hooked up to the city sewer, all your waste is going into a septic system or cesspool. Cesspools are older and now illegal but some older homes still use them. My elf cottage has one and it’s constantly giving us problems. Backing up, overflowing into the yard. Yuck. Elves are generally clean creatures so we especially aren’t happy when our septic systems give us issues. Not to mention the massive costs septic professionals will charge you for their various jobs.

Pumping your tank, hydro-jetting your leach line, installing a new leach field, putting in a new tank…these costs can literally add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Want an alternative to save your septic system that only costs a small fraction of that?

Down John Septic Tank Treatment only costs $69 a year! I was just quoted $3,000 to have my cesspool pumped and cleaned…now what do that when you can use an enzyme like Down John that promotes a healthy bacterial environment inside your septic system.

Down John, the Annual Septic Treatment

It’s important to have a healthy bacterial ecosystem in your septic because the bacteria break down the solids that clog the pipes and cause problems. If your detergents, bleach, and anti-bacterial handsoaps go into your septic, then there’s a good chance your bacterial ecosystem has been killed off. That’s where Down John comes to the rescue to restore your septic tank’s health.

1 Simple Way To Save Your Septic System without Breaking Your Wallet 2

Bacteria to eat up all that sludge. But it can’t do its job if it’s been decimated by bleach, laundry detergents, and hand soaps. Sludge can clog up your system and create massive problems. Your tank can overflow into your yard, yucky! That’s not only stinky but a danger to your health and everyone else in your household. Pets and elves included!

My septic company wanted to dump acid into my cesspool and then hydrojet it. Do you know what they quoted me for that? $3000! And that was the cheapest quote I got. Someone else said I had to install a new tank for $40,000! Well forget that! No frugal elf would be ok with prices like that. So I’m going for the cheap solution. I’m going to dump caustic soda to help break up all the time-hardened sludge and then I’m going to reestablish a healthy bacterial environment inside my cesspool.

The Least Time-Consuming Treatment for Your Septic System

This is a less time-consuming process. You just have to spare 1 minute for three consecutive days and flush down the recommended components. These components include; Flush Carbo, Flush Bacteria, and Flush Enzymes, and these three components are added respectively in three consecutive days.

1 Simple Way To Save Your Septic System without Breaking Your Wallet 3

1 Simple Way To Save Your Septic System without Breaking Your Wallet 4

Growth of Bacteria and Septic Tank Enzymes

These added components produce the trillions of bacteria and enzymes, which are suitable for the amelioration of the performance of septic tanks. These bacteria and enzymes work continuously for the whole year and make your septic tank stronger than ever.

Removing Odors

Water from both the kitchen and bathroom goes into the septic tank. And some of that water includes detergents, soaps, toilet paper, solid waste, and many other types of waste, and hence there can be the foulest of smells created by your tank. The Down John treatment totally eliminates the odor of all those different materials.

1 Simple Way To Save Your Septic System without Breaking Your Wallet 5

Eliminates Costly Repair Issues

Down John can restore your tank’s health and save you thousands in potential repairs. It also affects the flow of water through drains. Down John opens all the drains from where the water passes. So, the blockage problems are readily resolved by just using it once in a year.

Environment-Friendly Components

Down John’s ingredients are 100% environment-friendly!

I hope you all enjoy your renewed and healthy septic system. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about my septic experiences with my problematic cesspool.


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