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Ibotta best coupon app

iBotta is the best coupon app out there. Every time we buy groceries we simply scan our receipt and bam, the saving automatically goes into our PayPal account. It’s super fun and easy. On average we’ve been saving $5-10 per visit to the grocery store…that’s a lot of extra cookies we can afford!

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What Is A Coupon App?

A great way to save money while shopping and buying everyday things is known as couponing. Coupon apps are an effective and efficient way to save money on any kind of purchases, whether its clothes, groceries or even restaurants. Many shoppers enjoy the excitement of getting something on sale, rather than paying its full price, through coupon apps, that feature various discounts on almost everything related to shopping.

Instead of doing it the old-fashioned way, whereby physical coupons are clipped from newspapers, catalogs, magazines, flyers, etc, coupon apps negate the hassle, saving time and energy.

In today’s world, coupon apps are becoming more and more popular by the day, as people prefer them for their convenience. Coupon apps tend to give people opportunities and options when it comes to spending. They make finding, saving and using digital coupon codes easier to use for merchandise in physical stores. Coupon apps also feature receipt-upload functions that are handy and deliver retroactive discounts and cash backs, in-turn reducing shopping bills.

The use of coupons through these apps can be put into regular budgeting processes to save on usual or daily life purchases. This helps in saving money and determines how much you spend. Free coupon apps can conveniently help you find a good deal on anything you are set to purchase.

The Best Coupon App

The best coupon app on the market today is called the Ibotta App, which is very popular nowadays. Most people consider it the best app in order to save money on in-person shopping and groceries. It is quite similar to the traditional clipping coupons. Even though there are numerous coupon apps out there that serve the purpose of efficient digital couponing, the Ibotta App is said to be the best coupon app yet.

Ibotta is a private mobile technology company based in Denver, Colorado, that came up with a smartphone app for digital couponing. It was founded in 2011 by Bryan Leach to help users earn cash-back on in-store, online and mobile app purchases through the submission of receipts, linked retailer loyalty accounts, purchase verifications and payments.

The savings gleaned through the app come along with several other saving strategies used by shoppers, giving it an edge in building its popularity. What makes it the best coupon app is the fact that it features saving strategies like redeeming coupons, coupon stacking, rebates, matching and reward programs. This makes it the most popular among people who tend to use couponing as a method of saving.

All About The Ibotta App

Upon downloading this free mobile coupon app, you must search the Ibotta App for the know-how of all kinds of deals available and thereby activate the digital coupons. It is a free cash-back shopping app for iOS and Android devices that provides users with the opportunity to earn cash-back on selected products through easy tasks, such as product purchase and providing the proof of purchase.

Ibotta App features services like cashback, brand discovery, engagement, analytics, payments, and consumer marketing.

Ibotta is easy to use, featuring multiple steps that are simple, with clear instructions regarding how to maneuver through it. Devices compatible with this application must have a PayPal or Venmo account. Awards can be collected or cashed in by shoppers to receive gift cards that are featured from selected retailers in case of preference over cash.

Ibotta is the best and most popular mobile coupon app in the market due to its user-friendly features, boasting a vast array of participating retailers. It features geolocation, whereby you are able to find stores and products conveniently within your area.

Ibotta’s in-store process works by opening the app and completing a few simple tasks, loading offers on products at retailers that participate near you. The process also involves the loading of your store loyalty cards in order to connect your retail reward accounts. This maximizes your return on the spending, hence encouraging users to freely go shopping.

Upon loading their loyalty cards, users will automatically receive cash-backs that they are eligible for within 48 hours of the particular sale. All you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt, after which Ibotta matches your purchases with items that are eligible for a cash-back. Your cash will be received within 48 hours only.

Other than that, this app also helps you in earning cash-back on your mobile purchases, saving your trip to the store. This happens when you use codes or links served in the app itself.

Unlike other apps, what makes it unique and outstanding is the fact that it pays hard cash. Users are able to cash out via platforms like PayPal once their reward balance hits $20. You can also load your earnings on gift cards to directly redeem at your preferred favorite retailers.

The advantage of the Ibotta App is that you can load your loyalty card in order to automatically claim your rewards and scan receipts for cash-back earnings. The pros of this app also include the fact that users can shop at numerous online retailers through just this app itself.

The standout feature of this app is that the cash-back adds up over time. It is best used in order to get paid for the items you usually purchase at the store. The availability of any rebates can be found out by scanning the barcodes of items on this discount app. One does not need to do anything at the register while checking out. The extra money through cash-back can be added to your future grocery budget and gift cards.

This app guarantees immediate savings at checkout, with actual cash-back for later use down the road. Are you starting to see why this is the best coupon app?

Ibotta app features coupons that are available for all kinds of groceries regardless of any brands. For example, one might be able to save 50 cents on a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk or get $1 back after buying bottled water or a potato chips brand. Coupons are not just confined to groceries because there are also coupons for items like clothes, or coupons for places like restaurants or gas stations. All you have to do is simply scan the copy of your receipt with your smartphone.

New customers of this app also receive bonuses of $10 upon signing up for it. All you have to do is activate coupons, purchase products and receive cash-back credits in your Ibotta account.

How Does It Work? 

  • Upon beginning, you must tap on the Ibotta symbol that pops up on your smartphone to enter the heart of the app known as the “offers” section.
  • This “offers” section features a display of pictures of products along with offers and the total amount of cash you can get is displayed beneath the products.
  • Upon finding the product of your choice and interest, tap the “earn $–” bar in order to view tasks needed to be completed. This helps you earn the cashback after the purchase of the product.
  • Users are given the opportunity to earn cash through more than one way. You can choose to complete all or one of the tasks given, whereby more tasks denote greater cash-back.
  • Some of the tasks featured are such that you may have to read a fact, participate in quick polls, watch short videos, post on your Facebook page, or write comments regarding the product.
  • Upon completing a task per product offer, the product is added to your checklist to earn money as you purchase the item.
  • The tasks given are quite easy and quick, taking up very little of your time.
  • You have to then purchase the product at a store that is participating to get the cash for completing the tasks.
  • You must browse the section of “store extras” for store-specific offers.
  • Finally comes the proof of purchase, whereby you have to provide Ibotta with the proof that you have bought qualifying products. There are three different methods for proving your purchase;
  1. Tap “redeem” at the bottom of your smartphone screen, select the participating store where you bought the product and then follow the instructions. Submit the receipt’s photo and scan the barcodes of the products. Users should redeem the offers before their expiry if they want to receive the cash.
  2. Link the Ibotta app with your store loyalty card to confirm the purchased items. This option will only work with specific retailers.
  3. You can make purchases within the app itself by buying something from one of the mobile retailers of Ibotta. In this case, the app will track the rewards to you itself, negating the hassle of doing anything to get rewarded for your purchases.
  • Once all these steps are completed, Ibotta verifies your purchase, and upon reaching $20, the money can be transferred to be cashed in for a gift card.

Additional Features:

Ibotta has added more app features that make it more user-friendly, allowing you to earn more money. These features include;

  • Bonuses
  • Friends bonuses
  • Expiration notices
  • Activity

All in all, most feedback regarding the Ibotta App on any couponing websites is always positive, making it the absolute best coupon app. With the app providing only advantages and making things easier for users, it is becoming highly demanded by people. Even with a few critics who claim the involvement of multiple steps, it can be countered by the fact that they can all be done fairly quickly and efficiently.

This is said to be the best app to really increase the amount of savings on food and other grocery-related items. With very little to no negative points about this app, it offers a straightforward way of earning your money back without any gimmicks or confusion. Hence Ibotta is the best coupon app out there and a must-try for everyone.

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