The Best Way to Store Onions

best way to store onions

The absolute best way to store onions is with Vegetable Bags.

We all love eating fresh food, and we have all gotten kitchens. But it is quite difficult to stop onions and other vegetables to turn into a mess, sprout or dry out into a worthless husk. Onions emit ethylene gas that causes other nearby vegetables to sprout quickly.

Do you want to extend the shelf life of onions?

Do you want to opt for the best way to store onion? Do you care about nature as much as you care about the freshness of fruits and vegetables? Are you tired of buying plastic bags on each purchase and looking for a replacement? Do you want reusable bags that do not harm your health and maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables? We have an alternative for you. Eddingtons vegetable store bags enhance the shelf life onions.

Onions, unlike other packed grocery stuff, do not come up with sell date or best before date. So it is quite difficult to guess the freshness of onion-like other vegetables and maintain it.

When you leave them in traditional plastic bags, they sprout quite quickly. When you put them in a basket, they gradually leave their freshness as well as basket consumes a lot of space.

Do you know plastic bags take 10-1000 years to decompose and burning them is one of the factors responsible for environmental changes?

So, What’s the Best Way to Store Onions?

The Best Way to Store Onions 1Vegetable bags are breathable and reusable bags, which consumes less space, maintain the freshness of onions, increase the shelf life of vegetables and probably is the best way to store onions.

These bags might be a little bit expensive when you consider them buying for the very first time. But these bags are reusable and washable and are considered to be the best way to store onions. So you have to spend money just for one time and enjoy the purchase for a long period.

If you calculate how much money you have spent on plastic bags over six months on each purchase, it will leave you astonishing that you have spent three times more money on traditional plastic bags.

Traditional plastic bags are usually thrown away, or you can use them just once. These bags are made up using chemicals that are incredibly harmful to your health as well as cause sprouting of vegetables quite fast. Eddington onions bags are the cheapest and the best way to store

onions, yet more healthy way to store onions and other vegetables for long time use. These bags maintain the flavor of onions (and other vegetables) and also slow down the process of sprouting.

You can use these bags not only for vegetables but also to store fruits that ripen quickly.

Eddington bags come up with different sizes. We have separate bags for all vegetables, including onions, potatoes, garlic, etc.

A pair of 3 sets is enough to store the main vegetables for a whole month’s use. To save more products, you can buy more sets according to your demand. Do you know that storing onions along with other vegetables is a bad idea? Onions release ethylene gas which speeds up the process of ripening for other vegetables and fruits. Onions should always store separately from other vegetables that sprout easily.

Eddington bags are made up of cotton material, so they easily hold the vegetables for a long time and let the air penetrate through it.

The drawstring opening makes it convenient to open, and you can hang it anywhere easily. It allows you to keep onions at the same place and a safer distance. The material of these bags slow down the sprouting process and maintain freshness.

Benefits of reusable bags:

These bags can help to clean your environment and the ecosystem also reduce the plastic wastage and save your money and ultimately are the best way to store onions.

Less plastic waste:

Whenever you plan for shopping and grocery you need shopping bags, every time getting little plastic bags to create a lot of waste. This is not only a wastage of money also it’s a big problem to store this plastic issue or where it could be discarded.

If you select reusable bags you can do two important things one is to reduce wastage of plastic and second is you can save landfills and oceans from plastic bags pollution.

There is no doubt if you decide to have reusable bags, it creates a significant difference in the environment.

Less toxicity in your home:

Plastic bags are made of toxic material and spoil the freshness of fruits or vegetables by rubbing constantly. Plastic bags are not only toxic for individuals even spoil the freshness of the ecosystem.

By using reusable you can protect your home as well as aquatic life too means to say your kids will be safe from microplastic effects and throwing plastic bags into fields, oceans and ponds can spoil the life of aquatic animals.

Keep food fresh:

Maybe you already know plastic bags suffocate your food items and it absorbs toxic effect in so avoid this type of preservation.

By having reusable bags, you keep your food fresh for a long time and with better taste.


As I mentioned above, reusable bags keep your food fresh for a long time, which means this option is very cost-effective and reasonable. Mostly bags prices are 20 to 25 dollars; this price is nothing worth as compared to food taste, safety, and cost.

About the product: Price:

Eddingtons vegetables bags cost 21$. $65.15 shipping and import fees to Pakistan.


These bags come up in different sizes; 10.5’’x 12″ for onions, 8 x 11″ for garlic and 14 x 11″ for potatoes.

Onion and potato bags have the capacity for up to 2.5kg and garlic bags stores around 15-20 garlic cloves easily.

Weight and Dimension:

The weight of the product is 0.39kg, and the dimension is 43 x 33.5 x 1cm.

How to use this product?

Eddingtons onion bags are the best way to store onions and come up with removable cotton liners. The cotton string allows you to open and close the bag easily.

The handy side zipper allows you to use older onions first as handy zipper opens from the bottom first.

These bags have first in, First out design.

If you find it difficult to close the bag tightly when it is full of vegetables, you can hang it on a hook, it will close tightly automatically due to weight.

Specification (Product detail):

The blackout lining helps in keeping the onions like other vegetables in the dark, which slows down the aging process and maintain the flavor.
Side zipper allows you to excess the first in vegetables to come out first.
These bags are washable and reusable.



 First in, first out design

 May find it difficult to close the bag tightly

 Washable and reusable bags

 Price is a little bit high

 Keeps food fresh for a long time

 Come up in one size only

 Blackout lining and drawstring tops

 Pair of 3 sets

 Made of chemical-free cotton fabric



FAQs: How many onions does it take roughly?

Ans: It takes approximately 2.5kg easily as the size of the onion bag is 27.5x 38cm. Q: What is the fabric?

Ans: These bags are made of 25% cotton and 75% polyester.

Q: Are these bags washable?

Ans: Yes, these bags are washable. Turn inside out and give them a light hand scrub or throw them in the washing machine at low spin mode.

Q: Do the drawstrings on the bag close completely?

Ans: It depends on how you use them. If you are not strong enough, you might need someone’s help to close it completely. You can hang it on a hook, it will automatically close entirely without much effort.

Q: Do these bags come up in more than one size?

Ans: no, these bags come up in the same size for each vegetable.

Q: Are there holes in these bags? Shouldn’t there be holes for air circulation?
Ans: these bags made up of cotton fabric. That lets the air penetrate through it.

Q: What people reviewed the product?

People are satisfied with the capacity of bags, and they love to use these bags to safely carry onions from the market and even save for some days.


Eddington vegetable bags are a suitable replacement of traditional plastic bags that are harmful to health as well as for our environment. These washable bags are a quite good investment for long time use.

The first in and first out design a brilliant idea, it makes it convenient to use. The cotton fiber lets the air penetrate through it, which slows down the sprouting process.

It allows you to keep onions along with other vegetables at the same place. If you find it hard to close tightly, just hang them on a hook. These bags can store up to 2.5 lbs of onion, potatoes, etc.

The price of these bags might be high as compared to other vegetable bags, but if you look at the details of the design, you will get to know that how convenient it is for you to use these bags for a long time.

The only downside of these bags is their size. It comes up only in one size. You may have to buy more than one bag to store a huge amount of onion and other vegetables.

Now that you know the best way to store onions, check out another of our frugal tips.


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